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Studio Coordinator

Supervises projects for a studio and the equipment that participants in photography or video shoots require to complete various productions


Sorting and dispersing mail.
Keeping the reception area and meeting room safe and clean.
Assisting with the tracking and purchase of office supplies, as well as providing basic administrative support.
Account mailboxes are being monitored.
Greeting and welcoming guests.
Responding to and screening phone calls.
Letters and meeting minutes are examples of general administrative support.
Reservation and management of meeting space (including refreshments).
Document binding for presentations.
Enforcing studio protocols and procedures for sign-off.
Plan and manage workflows, processes and calendars.
Project management – monitoring funds, schedules and timetables. Office administration and management.
Establishing open channels of communication and ensuring that all team members are aware of project status and deadlines.

Excellent ability to communicate verbally.
Microsoft Office skills are required and knowledge of Adobe InDesign or Photoshop would be advantageous.
Capable of engaging and collaborating with a diverse group of people, including those in top positions in this and other organizations.
A proactive attitude combined with a strong work ethic.
Excellent customer service abilities.