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Swimming Instructor

Teach swimming skills, technique, and reliance on the water to people of all ages and abilities. Correct swimming technique flaws and look for solutions to boost performance.

Teaching swimming techniques, swimming strokes, and water safety rules to students with varying swimming abilities
Assisting more experienced swimmers in improving their swimming skills.
.evaluating student progress and adjusting teaching programs as needed
Students must be closely monitored in order to avoid accidents and injuries.
Put in place ground rules for each swim session.
Planning swimming lessons that take into account students’ abilities and growth.

GED or high school diploma
Worked as a swim instructor or lifeguard for at least two years.
Certifications in CPR, First Aid, and American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor or Basic Swim Instructor (BSI) are required.
Excellent understanding of proper swimming techniques and water safety rules.
Excellent swimming abilities.
Excellent ability to resolve conflicts.
Effective communication abilities.