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Vehicle Mechanic

Fixes automobiles and replaces their parts for clients. Inspecting the vehicle’s motorized components and its engine, analyzing problems with vehicles and conducting maintenance and repair work on cars, trucks and other vehicles.

Regular servicing, repairs and normal maintenance.
Communicate with customers about technical/product issues.
Instruct the parts department on the parts required for the repair.
Completing road testing and signing off on all warranty fixes.
removing the engine from the vehicle
Installation of an engine in a vehicle.
SERDI valve seating machine training.
It is necessary to have prior experience working in a workshop on passenger vehicles or engines.
New engines are being stripped to be converted to LPG.
Maintain abreast of the most recent advancements in technology, methodologies and commercial developments.
Report and document work done and testing performed accurately and report any further works needed or vehicle faults.

Ability to provide distinct client service at all times.
Exceptional communication abilities.
Self-driven and customer-oriented.
Team player with a cheerful attitude and a willingness to help.
A high level of correctness and meticulousness.
Possesses the ability to work at a high level of efficiency and productivity.