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Yoga Instructor

Conducts group meditation and yoga poses classes for groups of people.

Organize and lead yoga sessions.
Assess students visually to establish their degree of proficiency.
Assist students in aligning themselves precisely.
Demonstrate proper technique and practice.
Have the ability to channel energy throughout the body.
During the warm-up, build-up, and cool-down stages, transform energy.
Encourage students with encouraging comments.
During yoga courses, use engaging, intelligent sequencing to connect with students.
Make training suggestions to help you enhance your yoga practice.
Participate in administrative tasks.

Yoga certification with Yoga Alliance.
Experience of at least 200 hours is required.
Certification in CPR and First Aid.
It is preferable to have health and fitness education or expertise.
Teaching Vinyasa Flow in an art form.
Pranayama, mantra, and attentive meditation are all part of the Chakra System.
Skills in business and administration.