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5 Career Hacks That Get Results

Man gets offered a job

It’s tough to find good-paying work in the 2020s.

Fortunately, there are some old and new career hacks that still deliver solid results for people who are willing to try.

Some are more long-term tactics than others, but all can help qualified candidates land interviews and jobs in industries that offer rewarding career paths.

Many of today’s fresh college grads are discovering the wisdom of hiring a certified resume writer.

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Likewise, those who aim to complete a degree for the first time realize that student loans are available and can serve to cover some or all the expenses associated with earning a four-year diploma in a job-ready field.

But even with an impressive degree on their resumes, the most talented job seekers need to know how to conduct themselves during a live interview.

The first step after graduation is getting reliable advice from experts.

Consider the following techniques that can get your foot in the door of the companies you most want to work for.

Don’t Write Your Own Resume

It might seem counterintuitive, but there’s great value in not composing your own resume. Modern human resources (HR) managers and hiring agents at all levels use AI-based algorithms called ATS (applicant tracking systems) to select the most promising candidates before the interview phase of the hiring process. ATS is designed to focus on specific keywords that hiring agents want to see.

Those who are not familiar with how the system works and who don’t know the particular words have trouble crafting a resume that can get them an interview.

That’s why it’s worth the modest investment of about $200 to get a resume that uses the right words in the right way.

Use a Student Loan to Pay for a Degree

Obtaining a four-year degree and financing it at the same time are two separate but inextricably linked tasks. The most efficient way to complete both is to take out a private student loan that covers tuition, books, and other school-related costs.

The grand total can be too much for the average person to source from savings or a college fund. In truth, most students need to round out their personal resources with loans to pay for a typical four-year degree.

The good news about borrowing is that there is plenty of money available at competitive rates. Additionally, there’s no need to begin repaying the balance until after you get a diploma.

Learn Effective Interview Techniques

There are dozens of no-cost and low-cost ways to hone interview skills.

But what if you’ve never sat for a single interview and are beginning from a base of no experience?

The internet is an excellent resource for picking up the basic tools needed to meet with hiring agents and answer their questions intelligently.

Fortunately, most interviews follow a basic, traditional format in which the company representative asks about a dozen questions over a 30-minute period or longer.

By taking an online class and watching several recorded sessions, it’s relatively easy to gain the core conversational skills that are required to come out on top.

Keep in mind that many otherwise qualified candidates miss out on job offers because they perform poorly in live face-to-face meetings with company representatives.

Get Expert Advice

Experts include mentors, paid vocational counselors, and employment agency workers who know the lay of the land. Avoid relying on what friends tell you or what you read on random websites.

Instead, go right to the source.

Licensed employment counselors know the latest hiring trends and can give you valuable, targeted advice about how to answer specific interview questions, dress for an in-person or online meeting, and negotiate for a decent entry-level pay rate.

Build Your Brand & Reputation

In addition to posting a virtual resume on sites like LinkedIn, create a website, assemble a portfolio, do a few guest blogs in your area of expertise, and clean up social media accounts.

It’s important to maintain a simple website that includes a full resume, a longer bio section, samples of relevant projects, and a list of the types of jobs you’re looking for.

It’s safe to assume that all interviewers will look up your name on major search engines. What are they searching for?

First, they prefer to see if your social media footprint contains unseemly content of any kind.

When they uncover a photo, comment, or anything else that might reflect poorly on the company, they’ll cross your name off their list. For that reason alone, it’s imperative to scour any controversial items from your socials.

However, candidates who create an extensive, professional LinkedIn profile have a built-in advantage in the hiring process.

Company reps also view your webpage and sift through any work samples posted there. Try to keep all personal data up to date and design a personal website that is both attractive and informative.

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Greggs targets 150 new store openings as sales and profits rocket


Greggs will open 150 new stors after generating £1.5 billion in revenues thanks to new shop openings and an increase in evening patronage.

The Newcastle-based company revealed in preliminary data published to the London Stock Exchange that a record 186 new shop openings during 2022 helped it draw more customers similar to pre-pandemic levels.

Roisin Currie, chief executive officer of Greggs, said the year saw rapid expansion during which pre-tax profits rose to £148.3 million thanks to rising sales of chicken goujons and pizza.

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Greggs also highlighted the expansion of its evening business, with 500 locations now staying open until 8 pm and post-4 pm sales now among those with the strongest increase.

The company also announced it intended to test 24-hour drive-thru locations while extending opening hours at 300 stores to 9pm.

The firm stated it still planned to grow this area of the business despite a cooling off of delivery volumes as more customers entered stores after the pandemic.

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Greggs’s has 2,328 stores, of which 1,270 offer delivery services, which include a collaboration with JustEat.

These services account for five percent of total sales.

The Greggs App was also being used more frequently by customers, who could “click and collect” items and earn rewards. In the last quarter of 2022, 1.1 million users were registered, up from 400,000 in the same quarter of 2021.

Greggs, which recorded 18.8 percent growth in like-for-like sales in the first nine weeks of 2023, said it was targeting 150 net new openings this year in an effort to expand its network to 3,000 stores.

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The company declared that it was going after new places like inside of supermarkets, in airports, train stations, retail parks, and shopping malls.

Ms Currie said “2022 has been a year of significant progress for Greggs, the result of committed efforts to fulfil our strategic growth plan. The significant opportunities on which the plan is based will remain centre stage in the year ahead as we make Greggs more accessible to even more customers.

Need Career Advice? Get employment skills advice at all levels of your career

“Although consumer incomes remain under pressure, Greggs continues to offer exceptional value to people looking for great tasting, high-quality food and drink on-the-go. We have an exciting, ambitious plan for the years ahead and, by continuing to nurture what makes Greggs special, I believe we are extremely well-placed to realise the opportunity to become a significantly larger, multi-channel business.”

Source:   Business Live

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Amazon puts second headquarters plan on hold as cost-cutting continues

Amazon second headquarters in Virginia

Amazon has paused construction of the second phase of its second headquarters in Virginia.

Charged Retail reports around 8,000 Amazon workers have already completed phase one of the Met Park camps, but construction of the second phase of the project has now been put on hold.

The second phase, known as PenPlace, was due to begin at some point in 2023.

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The campus comprises three office buildings and a 350-foot corkscrew-shaped tower – expected to be the architectural centerpiece of the new structure.

Amazon stressed the decision was not down to its plans to cut 18,000 corporate staff.

Amazon head of real estate John Schoettler, said: “We’re always evaluating space plans to make sure they fit our business needs and to create a great experience for employees.”

The project is costing Amazon $2.5 billion, and is expected to bring 25,000 new jobs to the region by 2030.

Amazon has also shelved more office block projects and some new staff on graduate schemes have also been told they have to wait before they can start work.

Amazon chose the city of Arlington as the location in 2018.

Need Career Advice? Get employment skills advice at all levels of your career

The company said it remains committed to other public-use projects around the US due to finish early in 2025.

Schoettler added: “Since Met Park will have space to accommodate more than 14,000 employees, we’ve decided to shift the groundbreaking of PenPlace out a bit.

“Our second headquarters has always been a multiyear project, and we remain committed to Arlington, Virginia, and the greater Capital Region — which includes investing in affordable housing, funding computer science education in schools across the region, and supporting dozens of local non-profit[s].”

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Meta rumored to be planning latest batch of job cuts after losing 11,000 employees

Meta office

Meta employees are bracing themselves for another round of layoffs that could lead to thousands more job losses.

The move follows the massive downsizing in November when the Facebook owner axed 13 percent of staff, or 11,000 jobs, to become more efficient.

The Menlo Park-based firm is still aggressively looking at ways to flatten its headcount.

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It has offered buyout packages to managers and eliminated entire teams that it considers unnecessary. 

That is an ongoing process that might impact thousands of employees.

Now, sources say the impending wave of cuts is driven by financial goals and is unrelated to the “flattening.”

While advertising revenue has slowed, Meta has moved its attention to its metaverse, a virtual-reality platform.

Sources said Meta has been asking directors and vice presidents to compile a list of staffers who can be let go.

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This round of layoffs could be completed within a week.

Those working on the plan expect to make the cuts before CEO Mark Zuckerberg takes parental leave for his third child, which might happen soon.

The November layoffs came as a surprise, but the Meta employees have widely foreseen another batch of job cuts, after Zuckerberg dubbed 2023 as the “year of efficiency.” 

Need Career Advice? Get employment skills advice at all levels of your career

Zuckerberg has dubbed 2023 as the “year of efficiency.” 

The company has been sharing that theme with staffers during performance reviews, which were finished last week.

Meta employees have recently reported increased anxiety and low morale among colleagues.

Sources said some were concerned about receiving their bonuses, which were scheduled to be issued this month, if they lost their jobs beforehand.

A Meta spokesperson declined to comment on the plans.

Source: Bloomberg

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SiriusXM announces 475 job cuts in latest media cuts cuts


SiriusXM is cutting 475 jobs as part of a broad restructuring.

It becomes the latest media company to make big job cuts as advertisers tighten their belts as the economy remains uncertain.

CEO Jennifer Witz said in a memo to staff that the cuts will hit “nearly every department across SiriusXM” due to an “uncertain economic environment.”

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Employees impacted by the layoffs were notified on Monday, March 6.

The news comes after the radio giant said last month that it expects a slight fall in subscribers this year.

It is because “economic and demand uncertainty persists” and automakers grapple with supply chain challenges.

Witz said: “We are entering into a new phase for our company,” with the economic climate “requir[ing] us to think differently about how our organization is structured.”

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The firm has been reviewing its cost structure since November.

She added that it took measures like cutting expenses on content and marketing, shrinking its real estate footprint, and limiting staff travel.

But the “decision to reduce our workforce was required in order for us to maintain a sustainably profitable company.”

Layoffs have been widespread in the media sector recently, with organizations like CNN, NBC News, MSNBC, Gannett, and The Washington Post trimming their workforces.

Need Career Advice? Get employment skills advice at all levels of your career

Media companies that haven’t laid off employees have taken significant steps to save costs.

The advertising slowdown has also had a significant impact on the tech sector.

In recent months Google parent, Alphabet, and other tech giants, including Meta, Microsoft, and Amazon, slashed thousands of employees.

Source: CNN

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Bruntwood SciTech’s £60m plan could create 2,500 jobs in Manchester

Bruntwood SciTech

A £60 million development from Bruntwood SciTech could create 2,500 new jobs at Manchester Science Park.

The joint venture proposes an additional 131,000 square feet of lab space next to the main campus of the University of Manchester.

Bruntwood SciTech’s masterplan would see the campus expand to one million square feet after the completion of its purpose-built Industry 4.0 hub Base in July 2022.

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If approved, the former Greenheys site will be redeveloped into a six-story building specifically designed for scaling life science businesses in diagnostics, genomics, and precision medicine.

Bruntwood SciTech stated that the new building would use no fossil fuels and be entirely electric, as well as reduce glare and heat gain with its specially designed ‘solar shading’ façade and include a green wall wrapped around the first two floors to increase biodiversity and improve air quality.

More than 150 SMEs and large businesses in biotech, precision medicine, diagnostics, digital health, cyber security, digital technology, medtech, and light manufacturing already call Manchester Science Park home.

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Peter Crowther, property director at Bruntwood SciTech, a joint venture between Bruntwood and Legal & General, said: “The future success of the UK life science sector is dependent on its many fast-growing and innovative businesses having access to the infrastructure they need, whether that be flexible, specialist workspace or facilitated direct connections into world-class R&D, talent or potential collaboration opportunities with like-minded businesses.

“We continue to demonstrate our long-term commitment to the places and cities in which we operate, Manchester Science Park being an exemplar of this.

“Since 2012 we have invested £43m in completing the first two phases of its masterplan, growing the campus from 210,000 to 500,000 sq ft and supporting more than 2,000 people based there every day, and look forward to commencing with our third phase of redevelopment, at Greenheys.”

Need Career Advice? Get employment skills advice at all levels of your career

BDP Architects, Deloitte planning consultancy, Walker Sime cost consultancy, DW Consulting for Structures and Civils, and Silcock Leedham for MEP have been appointed to work with Bruntwood SciTech on the redevelopment of Greenheys.

Source:   Business Live

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Energy supplier E.on Next to create 1,300 jobs to boost customer support

Eon Next

Energy supplier E.on Next has announced a plan to create 1,300 jobs to expand its customer support operations.

Permanent positions will be available in the UK cities of Leicester, Bolton and Nottingham, as well as other towns and cities.

The company wants to hire specialised workers who will be trained to look after residential and small business customers.

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Staff to help people with social media queries will also be hired during the recruitment drive.

The company will recruit employees to help recruit new customers and others who specialise in various areas, such as assisting customers with prepayment metres.

Ramona Vlasiu, the company’s chief operating officer said: “We do things a little differently at E.on Next – our energy specialists are dedicated to caring for their own group of customers so they can get to know them better and do more to help them, which is all the more important in these challenging times,”

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“We would love to hear from people who are passionate about providing excellent service. Previous experience in the energy industry is not essential but the desire to care for our customers and help us continually improve our business is.”

The customer service system is built on technology licenced from Octopus Energy by E.on.

E.on is one of the country’s largest suppliers, serving approximately 5.5 million customers across the United Kingdom.

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Chief people officer Chris Norbury said: “These roles provide a great opportunity for people to join our business and help us drive the energy transition towards a smarter and more sustainable future.

“We are proud to have been accredited as one of the UK’s top 50 inclusive employers for the past six years in a row because we believe in creating a workplace where everyone feels respected and valued – a place where everyone is empowered to develop and thrive and to be the best they can.”

Need Career Advice? Get employment skills advice at all levels of your career

Source:  Business Live

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Moderna to create hundreds of jobs at new Oxfordshire facility

Covid vaccine maker Moderna has revealed plans to open a facility in Oxfordshire which will create thousands of jobs.

The Harwell Campus’s Modern Innovation and Technology Centre (MITC) will house research, development, and manufacturing.

If the necessary regulatory approval and licenses are granted, the factory will produce mRNA vaccines for a wide range of respiratory diseases.

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It will also include a clinical biomarker laboratory built by Merit, as well as a Drug Substance and Manufacturing facility outfitted by IPS.

The investment comes on the heels of Moderna’s ten-year strategic partnership with the UK government, which was announced in December 2022.

Darius Hughes, UK general manager at Moderna, said: “We are delighted to reach this important milestone – we look forward to joining the Harwell Campus health tech cluster and contributing to the UK’s science and innovation community through investments in R&D.

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“When constructed, our facility at Harwell will harness mRNA science that aims to develop and deliver innovative vaccines to the UK public that address emerging threats from respiratory viruses facing our population.”

Construction is set to start at some point in 2023, with the manufacturing facility expected to open in 2025, subject to planning and other approvals.

Dame Jenny Harries, chief executive of UK Health Security Agency, said: “I look forward to continuing our work with Moderna as we strengthen our vaccine development and research capabilities, placing us at the forefront of new science and improving our ability to protect the nation from respiratory diseases and any future pandemics.

Need Career Advice? Get employment skills advice at all levels of your career

“Moderna’s new centre in Oxfordshire also brings an important boost to our UK life sciences economy and our onshore vaccine manufacturing capability.”

Source:   Insider Media

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Google employees cuts staff promotions as a way of saving money

Google office

Google has told its staff fewer of them will be getting promotions to senior and leadership roles due to a slow down in growth.

Staff were emailed this week to be told of the changes, which are designed to match a sluggish hiring pace.

Google’s introduced a promotion process , known internally as GRAD (Googler Reviews and Development), where staff move roles and get pay rises, last year.

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The “GRAD team” email read: “The process is manager-led and will be largely similar to last year.

“Though with our slower pace of hiring, we are planning for fewer promotions into L6 and above than when Google was growing quickly.

“This is to ensure that the number of Googlers in more senior and leadership roles grows in proportion to the growth of the company.”

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Like many tech companies, Google has a level system for its employees.

Job levels are represented by the letter L followed by a number ranging from 3 to 10.

A Google spokesperson confirmed the new planning for fewer promotions but said this change would not affect lower levels. 

Need Career Advice? Get employment skills advice at all levels of your career

Google launched its new GRAD performance system last year, replacing a previous program that employees heavily criticized.

Unlike the old program, which was held twice a year, GRAD reviews are only held once a year.

The email on Monday, March 6, said a second promotion process would be in September.

The company paused hiring last year, and in January, it started cutting around 12,000 staff, or about 6 percent of its workforce.

Source: Insider

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