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Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Elon Musk – The shockingly ruthless behavior of world’s billionaires

Bill Gates

The most successful people have an incredible drive many other people lack.

Some say it’s an addiction to success that drives them towards more milestones and mega-wealth the rest of us can’t even imagine.

What comes with this drive is a sense of complete and total ruthlessness.

A lot of household names have behaved in very dubious ways to ensure their personal success and that of their business.


Mark Zuckerberg

Everyone has heard of him.

He’s the man who made the world’s most extensive communication app, Facebook, from his Harvard room.

But when you look at the success of Facebook, it’s not all about Zuckerberg.

In an example of the ruthlessness the elites of business have, Zuckerberg was clever enough to work out how to make money from the idea.

He stole the idea from two brothers and publicized it as his own.

He has never denied the allegations and says he was more innovative in enhancing this idea, which can be seen as unethical.

Unfortunately, he took the credit – and the cash – and not many people can even name the brothers who helped come up with the idea.

He told CNN:

“If you count the time I’m in the office, it’s probably no more than 50-60 hours a week.

“But if you count all the time I’m focused on our mission, that’s basically my whole life.”

“I take a lot of time just to read and think about things by myself.”

Steve Jobs

Apple creator Steve Jobs is regarded as being a genius.

However, he’s had to stoop low to ensure his own success, leading to people working with him to call him “the Devil’s advocate.”

As a developer for Atari in the 1970s, the deadline was fast approaching for the game “Breakout.”

He brought in another man to help.

That man was Steve Wozniak.

The two worked day and night to finish the game, and Jobs gave Wozniak half the $700 fee he was paid by the company.

It turned out he was paid $5,000.

This led to a rift between the two as Wozniak was shocked at how Jobs could betray him in that way.

However, they patched things up fairly quickly as the two started Apple together in 1976.

Roy Kroc

This man gave us the fast food we know and love, McDonald’s, but he is considered a thief.

He stole McDonald’s from the actual owners, two brothers, and deliberately breached the contract he signed with them.

He claimed McDonald’s was his restaurant and filed a lawsuit.

However, the brothers were not financially strong enough to fight a lawsuit against the company, so they had no choice but to surrender their rights and sell them at a discount.

An alleged agreement was made to give the brothers one percent of sales.

This case is known worldwide, and you can find a movie called The Founder.

The brothers genuinely cared about authenticity, such as adding natural milk to milkshakes.

Whereas Ray believed milk was an extra expense the company didn’t need, he swapped it out for powdered milk.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates’ success story is admired by all, but he has some dark secrets in his success story.

He is unbelievably wealthy, with his assets worth roughly $79 billion.

He’s carried the title of “world’s wealthiest individual” for 16 of the last 21 years.

But he has had to get his hands dirty on occasion to achieve this success.

For example, he tried to renegotiate his business partnership with co-founder Paul Allen while he was battling cancer, thinking he wouldn’t survive. 

Gates also pushed Apple into selling him the Macintosh for $1, threatening to stop producing software for the machine, only to stop the project.

There are numerous stories about Microsoft close to buying a company, gaining access to their source code, and then canceling the deal only to produce almost identical apps afterward.

Bill Gates stole many ideas from entrepreneurs and sold them as his own.

Steve Jobs stole the mouse concept from Xerox, and Bill then stole it from him.

Paul Allen’s memoir “Idea Man” exposed many stories about Bill Gates: “Gates loved to stay up all night working. One time, a new secretary came in on Monday morning to find him sprawled out on the floor.

“She thought he was unconscious, but he’d just been up all weekend and was taking a quick catnap.”

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Elon Musk

Musk is another successful entrepreneur who has changed the definition of success.

He has given us PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX, which we are thankful for.

Unfortunately, he is a power junkie and always needs to be the leader.

Musk is the true definition of power and an alpha male.

He allegedly told his wife on their wedding night, “He is going to be the charge of this relationship,” revealed by his wife in her book. He always chose power and rules over his workers and wanted everyone in the office to work precisely as he wanted them to.

His alleged dark story is not confirmed, but rumors say that Mary Beth Brown, an assistant to Musk, worked with him since the beginning of SpaceX, was treated particularly badly.

She was a hard-working member of staff, who asked Musk for a raise.

Musk is said to have then told her to take some time off for a holiday.

When she returned, she was allegedly fired, with Musk saying everything ran smoothly without her.

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Rocket maker X-Bow Systems announces $25 million Texas expansion that will create new jobs

X-Bow Systems' rocket

Rocket maker X-Bow Systems has announced a $25 million center in Texas which will create dozens of jobs.

The company will make the investment in the city of Luling.

The project involves revitalizing and converting a unit of the retired Caldwell County Carter Memorial Airport. 

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It is expected the new campus will have 15 buildings, including a hangar and SRM test pads, which are already built.

X-Bow Systems Chief Technical Officer Max Vozoff said: “Our new Texas campus will enable X-Bow to compete as a reliable, innovative, economical source for solid rocket motors as we expand our capacity to build, manufacture, test and fly.

“The X-Bow team is grateful for the enthusiastic support and continued collaborative working relationship with City of Luling and Caldwell County officials as we continue to grow our team locally, construct facilities and add capabilities at our Luling campus.”

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Caldwell County Judge Hoppy Haiden added: “We’re incredibly excited to welcome X-Bow Systems to our community.

“We know that X-Bow and it’s team will be a great addition to the City of Luling and we will continue to provide them with the support they need to build a great workforce and campus here.

“X-Bow will create new and diverse opportunities and a more industrial workforce for our community.

“We look forward to seeing what the future holds in the aerospace industry for X-Bow Systems, Luling, Caldwell County and the whole State of Texas.”

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Just Eat to cut 1,870 UK jobs as takeaway demand slows

Just Eat couriers

Takeaway giant Just Eat is to cut 1,870 couriers and staff as demand slows.

The BBC reports the company said it will stop employing its own couriers and will use contractors instead.

This will result in 1,700 job losses.

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The company will also lose 170 operational staff.

The drivers and riders involved have been given six weeks’ notice.

Just Eat saw a nine percent slump in customer numbers in 2022 after Covid rules were relaxed and diners started returning to pubs and restaurants.

The couriers work for Just Eat’s “Scoober” service, which means they are classed as workers for the company.

They get paid a fixed hourly rate, an uncapped bonus and other benefits, like sick pay.

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However, most of the firm’s delivery drivers are contractors who do not enjoy such perks.

A spokeswoman said: “We have proposed to transition away from the worker model for couriers, which is a small part of our overall delivery operations – running in certain parts of six UK cities.”

She added that the move would not affect Just Eat’s services.

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How to Balance Full-Time Work and a Side Hustle

A man working at home celebrates a deal

Side hustling can be a great way to increase your overall income to build up a nest egg for the future, but many are already juggling family commitments and full-time work.

Adding a side hustle may seem like an impossible commitment. However, the good news is that if you are willing to put in the time, there are ways to add some extra streams of income to your earnings.

Find a Side Hustle That Doesn’t Take Too Much Time

Some hustles naturally take up more time than others.

Starting a side business requires a lot of effort before you begin to turn a profit, and you might need something that starts paying sooner.

You may only have a few extra hours each week to devote to a hustle, so you need to make those hours count. Do your research to find hustles that do not require much time to set up upfront.

Taking part in market research can be lucrative if you fit the target demographics, and you can usually get payment soon after taking part.

Another lucrative side hustle is real estate investing.

Real estate investing has long been considered one of the best additions to many portfolios because of how predictable the income is and because of certain tax advantages. Still, it can be challenging and expensive to become a landlord the traditional way. Luckily, you can still add real estate to your portfolio through fractional real estate investing.

Use Any Extra Time Wisely

Some hustles have a learning curve before you can earn your maximum potential. Transcription requires outside research, and you might need to learn more about the industry to get up to speed, especially if you do medical or legal transcription. If you do need to do some learning, take advantage of every spare moment you have, even if it’s not a large chunk of time. If you drive an hour each way to work every day, that’s two hours a day where you can listen to podcasts about your chosen area. Even if you don’t have a commute time, you can still listen to podcasts while doing something else, like housework or taking a walk.

Care for Yourself

When you balance a full-time career and side hustle, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. You might feel like you spend all your time working and don’t have time for anything fun. Taking care of yourself must be one of your priorities as well.

Giving yourself time to do something you enjoy can help you reduce stress. There are many things you can do to take care of yourself, whether it’s going out with friends, reading a good book, or doing a creative project.

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, start a list of things that make you happy. Whenever you realize that something brings you joy, add it to your list.

When you are feeling stressed out, you can do something off this list. Even looking forward to doing this thing later can help you get through a challenging day.

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The Importance of Paper Writing Skills For Any Future Career

The Importance of Paper Writing Skills For Any Future CareerAny Future Career</h1>

Sending messages via written letters dates back as far as humans could write. Despite technological advancements, you can’t downplay the gravity of possessing writing skills.

There are several careers to choose from, and they all involve penning content. Before high school graduation, students complete hundreds of essays, papers, and assignments.

During interviews, prospective candidates will format a decent number of cover letters and resumes. Writing is a subtle skill. As a result, we often overlook it for negotiation, communication, or other valuable abilities. If you’re not sure how it might help you achieve your occupational goals, read more below.

The Importance of Paper Writing Skills

Writing is a life skill that applies to any profession and job role. Employers look out for it during the hiring process and throughout your stay in the company.

Writing is also one of the most important abilities students must possess. This is why college professors and teachers give various essay assignments to help high school students gain experience.

It allows them to learn how to draft a well-constructed article and show specific knowledge.

Workplace Versatility

At least once in everyone’s occupation, you will assume responsibilities that require you to complete a writing task in multiple formats. Examples include business plans, proposals, social media profiles, etc.

How can you prove your worth to an employer if you don’t have the required skills to draft a write-up – a simple task for a middle schooler?

Cranking out a fine piece of writing feels daunting if it is not your forte. Even if it is, the master level is not the same for everyone. If you don’t have enough training or experience to write a paper, hire someone who can write your paper and save time on the laborious procedure.

Professional services help with writing papers and provide samples to use for inspiration.

Ask them: help me write my paper for me, and the service will assign an expert to complete the task on schedule. Another way to write a paper cheaply is to use the citation, thesis, and conclusion generators or other tools offered by the agency.

Building Essential Skills

Most schools are built on the principles of writing.

As a result, students format quality essays to get into college, get good grades in class, complete an assignment, and graduate.

Not only is the skill important to employment, but it helps to develop other skills. Some of them include note-taking, reading, analysis, organizing ideas, and critical thinking.

Learning to draft articles also aids your research skills, and you will learn to explore information and distinguish the truth from the lie.

Individuals with exceptional writing skills produce information differently. They also learn to put things in their words without overly relying on external resources.

Why Mastering Writing Skills Can Help Future-Proof Your Career

We’ve established that article drafting is important to a student’s life. But how can you use it to future-proof your occupation?

Resume Creation

The hiring procedure is stressful and usually starts with submitting a well-drafted resume. Your cover letter or resume is the first point of contact for entry-level and expert jobs.

Plus, it potentially leaves a lasting impression on your employer. Your resume contains information relevant to the position you want, while the cover letter provides insight into why you are a great candidate.

Punctuation errors, misused words, and spelling and grammar mistakes will put a dent in your application. To be fair, no employer will hire a person that cannot string a couple of words together correctly.

Gives Room for Promotion and Salary Increase

People notice outstanding traits, and it is true for article creation. Writing is one of the top 10 skills in high demand across different industries.

With time, your boss or supervisor gradually starts noting your ability to describe things clearly and starts expanding your responsibilities at work.

For example, drafting reports, creating social media posts, communicating with partners, etc. These new duties are valuable experiences that can lead to a promotion and higher salary.

Not only this, but your colleague will pay more attention and act on ideas you present through email or written presentation.

Effective Workplace Reporting

Modern workplaces have a casual disposition to communication. Nonetheless, they maintain professionalism across written exchanges and email correspondences.

If you’re fortunate to get the job, you still need to communicate with your partners, co-workers, and partners via messaging systems and social media.

Successful writing aids information relay without requiring additional questions or clarification. It also increases your credibility.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Paper Writing Skills

Not every employee is equally skilled at drafting the perfect article.

Even senior directors and experts routinely practice and refine their expertise. Below are the top ways to hone your article drafting skills.

Read and Pen Contents Often

The best way to get better at something is to do it regularly. Writing is a process that develops with time and consistent practice. Reading books helps you understand different styles and expand your abilities. Besides reading, pen regularly in a journal or blog.

Work On Your Edits

After creating an article, revise and edit it to track errors and improve clarity and coherence.

We recommend you use online language and plagiarism tools to check the content and share it with others for their opinion. Ask your friends to identify areas of improvement and work on them.

Study and Attend Workshops

Read about syntax and mechanics concepts like spelling, structure, and punctuation. Also, consider attending workshops or registering for courses to learn new techniques. If possible, follow successful writers or sign up for newsletters and incorporate their methods.


Writing is challenging, and we won’t pretend it isn’t. But the stress provides an opportunity to create magic through words and advance your career.

Hiring someone to write my papers or learning to do it well impacts personal growth effectively by improving communication. It increases opportunities, adds credibility to your name, and makes you versatile.

We recommend you start working on your writing skills to help you express and explore your thoughts and emotions in an organized way.

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ESPN layoffs loom that would impact nearly all divisions


ESPN is to cut employees from various divisions in the company, which is likely to be completed over the next four to six weeks.

The move comes as Disney boss Bob Iger revealed plans to lay off staff at all divisions. 

Iger said last month that 7,000 jobs would be slashed across the board.

Read More: Disney managers asked to make lists of staff to be cut as 4,000 layoffs loom

ESPN chairman Jimmy Pitaro has now directed department heads to scrutinize their units in a drive for efficiency. 

Sources said that currently, there is no fixed number for how many millions ESPN must save or how many jobs will be lost.

Despite cord-cutting, which led to subscribers canceling cable, ESPN is still a money pit for Disney.

It will likely show when it releases its separate earnings report in November. 

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ESPN’s stats were integrated into Disney’s, but under the new structure, Iger recently announced ESPN’s data would be made public.

ESPN is now available in around 74 million homes, receiving a $10 per month range from each household.

It means the cable company still makes three-quarters of a billion dollars a month before it sells one advertisement. 

ESPN+, a new direct-to-consumer add-on service, now has 24.9 million subscribers.

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It costs $9.99 a month but can be combined with Hulu and Disney+ for a lower price.

Iger has said that the entire ESPN network will go direct-to-consumer.

Sources said no exact date is set, but it will happen within the next few years, if not sooner.

ESPN would still be available on cable and satellite, but cord-cutters would have access to its programs.

ESPN declined to respond to requests for comments. 

Source: New York Post

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Craft gin maker British Honey heading into administration after funding failure

British Honey

A honey-based product manufacturer, including craft gins, has revealed plans to call in administrators after failing to secure long-term funding and a sale of the business,

The British Honey Company (BHC), is based in Oxfordshire and best known for its Keepr’s and Two Birds brands.

The firm has announced its shares on the Aquis exchange had been suspended pending the formal appointment of partners at FRP Advisory.

The company was founded in 2014 and employs 80 people at its factory and warehouse in neighbouring Buckinghamshire.

Read More: Metnor Construction loses all 80 staff after collapsing into administration

It began as a honey producer but quickly expanded as the craze for flavoured spirits, including craft gin, gained traction both at home and abroad.

BHC warned in December last year that a £750,000 loan it had settled would only tide it over for so long.

A statement said: “At that time the board made clear that further funding would need to be secured early this year, which the company has attempted to identify since this date, but it has proved extremely challenging, with no offer of funding support being forthcoming to date.”

Read More: Tile Giant undergoes pre-pack administration with 13 stores closed and 43 jobs lost

“Significant costs savings have been made in the business in order to conserve cash.

“Notwithstanding these cost savings, BHC will need further funding by end of March 2023, based on present management forecasts.

“Regrettably, the board has concluded that it is required to take the necessary steps to preserve value for creditors.”

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It is understood there are still hopes the business can be sold as a going concern given the level of interest last year when a formal sale was an option under a strategic review.

Its last set of accounts showed sales of almost £8 million during 2021, according to Refinitiv data.

But it is believed funding woes last year, coinciding with the cost-of-living crisis, saw the company cut 30 jobs as part of its cost reductions.

SourceSky News

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Banner Health makes massive $400 million investment to create thousands of jobs in Arizona

Banner Health

Banner Health has revealed plans to open a new medical center and support services that will bring thousands of jobs to Arizona.

The company expects to create up to 1,000 health-related jobs over the next five years and more than 2,500 openings when fully developed.

The facility development will also include construction and ancillary jobs.

Read More: Banner Gateway expansion in Arizona will create 600 new jobs

Scott Nordlund, chief strategy and growth officer for Banner Health, said: “Our strategic growth plan is focused on convenience and access, with facilities close to home for our patients, members and their families.”

The 384,000-sq ft structure in Phoenix will house an acute care hospital, an adjacent medical office, and a cancer center.

The medical office building will provide space for physician offices, specialty care, and other clinical services.

Banner Health has invested $400 million in the project.

Need Career Advice? Get employment skills advice at all levels of your career

The four-story Banner Scottsdale Medical Center is scheduled to open in 2026.

It will have 106 licensed patient beds and 20 observation beds, and shelled space for future expansion.

Banner Scottsdale Medical Center will operate as a full-service, destination hospital focused on Banner’s primary areas of distinction.

It will offer cardiovascular, orthopedics, cancer, and neuroscience programs.

This new digitally equipped medical facility will integrate seamlessly with Banner’s ambulatory and virtual care sites.

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Asda to stock Claire’s products in over 500 stores after new partnership agreed


Asda is to stock Claire’s products in over 500 supermarkets across the UK as part of an “ongoing successful consumer products partnership.” 

The announcement comes after a successful “test-and-learn” trial that began in October 2020 and saw the high street accessories retailer’s products stocked in ten Asda stores across the UK.

Claire’s products will be available at the supermarket, including hair, cosmetics, and fashion accessories, as well as seasonal items for back-to-school and Christmas.

Read More: Asda will give 115,000 employees a pay rise

Claire’s called the move into Asda stores was a “natural fit” and said the partnership allows shoppers to purchase a wide range of Claire’s accessories at a great value to “complement the styles available in Asda”.

Chief executive Ryan Vero said the partnership brings the business “within reach of even more customers in even more locations where they live and shop”.

Claire’s president of Europe Richard Flint said: “We are delighted to have built a strong partnership with Asda to serve consumers all over the UK.

Read More: B&Q ditches Asda partnership which will affect 57 jobs

“Feedback from our consumers has been overwhelmingly positive as we have opened more locations and expanded ranges, and we are excited to see this continue.”

Asda senior director for retail planning and proposition for George at Asda Alison Grainger added: “We understand that our customers are busy and want to save time as well as money.

“Working with partners like Claire’s gives us the opportunity to offer our customers access to great brands and products they love as part of their regular grocery shop.

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“By joining forces with exciting and beloved brands like Claire’s, customers who visit our stores are provided with not only convenience but also access to a greater product choice from brands they love, enabling them to complete more shopping missions in one location.”

Source:   Retail Gazette

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Starbucks new CEO Laxman Narasimhan officially assumes the position

Laxman Narasimhan

Starbucks has officially appointed new CEO Laxman Narasimhan, who was expected to take over in two weeks .

He’ll deliver his first public address as chief executive on Thursday, March 23, during the firm’s annual shareholder meeting.

Narasimhan, who is the former CEO of Reckitt, has spent months researching Starbucks’ operations, including training as a barista, after being selected as the incoming CEO in September.

The official transition was scheduled for April 1.

Read More: Starbucks boss to testify before Senate over treatment of unions

His previous company owns brands like Lysol, Durex, and Mucinex.

He has also worked with PepsiCo and McKinsey.

Narasimhan succeeds Howard Schultz, completing his third term as chief executive.

Schultz wrote in a letter to company leadership: “Today, I am entrusting you all with Starbucks – something that holds a place in my heart second only to that of my beloved family.”

Read More: Google employees demand better treatment in a petition to CEO

He took over about a year ago after former CEO Kevin Johnson shook investors by announcing his departure.

Schultz stopped the company’s buyback program for several months and resisted baristas’ union efforts during his tenure.

He also revealed a new strategy to keep up with the company’s business transformations.

Starbucks stock has climbed nearly eight percent after Schultz’s return on April 4, raising its market value to $113 billion.

The S&P 500, meanwhile, has dropped more than 13 percent in that period.

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While leaving office earlier than expected, Schultz will still appear before a Senate panel on March 29 over the company’s alleged union-busting actions.

Schultz said in September that he had no plans to return as Starbucks’ CEO.

Investors have pressured the corporation to ensure this does not happen again.

On Thursday, March 23, shareholders will vote on a proposal from SOC Investment Group, representing union-sponsored pension funds.

It would require the Starbucks board to begin succession planning at least three years beforehand.

Source: CNBC

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