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“Betcha can’t eat just one” – Lay’s iconic potato chip slogan

Lays crisps

Lay’s is a brand of potato chips, as well as the name of the company that founded the brand in the United States.

The brand has also sometimes been referred to as Frito-Lay because both Lay’s and Fritos are brands sold by the Frito-Lay company, which has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of PepsiCo since 1965.

The famous slogan appeared in a commercial called “Messier, Just One” from Lays 59 years ago.

“Betcha can’t eat just one” was the 1963 advertising campaign slogan by Young & Rubicam.

From then on, this slogan became well-known and people tended to think of Lay’s when they saw or heard anything about “Bet you can’t eat just one”.

The slogan is very true – it’s almost impossible to eat a single potato chip after opening a bag.

The advertising slogan referenced the addictive nature of potato chips and the unlikelihood that anyone would be satisfied with just one.

The implication, of course, was that the taste of these chips would keep anyone from putting them down.

They were so good that the consumer should just plan on indulgence.

This advertising slogan, while self-complementary for Lay’s, was also a warning.

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Best Academic Careers to Follow for Equestrian Enthusiasts

A girl with a horse

People love horses for so many reasons. Going horse riding helps improve a person’s physical health, and it’s beneficial for mental health as well. This begs the question: does a person’s love for horses translate to a profitable future? The answer is yes.

A person’s intensive knowledge of horses will not just help him take the most winning award in the Kentucky Derby payouts history by TwinSpires, but it could also catapult him into a serious career.

If you’re a horse lover or an equestrian enthusiast, there are academic careers that could use your passion. Read more below to find out how.

Equine Sciences

Taking a degree program in the Equine Sciences will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the scientific concepts of the horse business. This program allows you to study the reproduction and genetics of horses, as well as dive into the principles of equine behavior. In addition, you will also learn basic and advanced concepts of horse training and riding.

An Equine Sciences degree could help you assume professional jobs like an equine-assisted therapist, equine rehabilitation therapist, horse breeder, horse trainer, and riding instructor.

Equine Management

The horse industry is more profitable than most people think. In fact, the horse industry rakes around $122 billion on an annual basis, and that is within the United States economy only. It’s only fitting that colleges and universities offer Equine Management as a degree program.

Studying Equine Management will allow you to take on the business concepts of the horse industry. This program is inclined more toward the management side and will help you acquire expertise in equine operations and marketing.

Another core concept in Equine Management is the leadership skills that you’ll acquire. You’ll be able to connect with the equine community and learn from the leaders of the industry. If you have a potential equine business at hand, taking the Equine Management course is a great way to make influential connections.

Taking an Equine Management program could help you assume professional roles in farm management, ranch management, equine product sales, and hospitality.

Equine Nutrition

There are more than seven million horses in the United States, and it’s important for the horse industry to take good care of them if they want to maintain or expand their respective businesses. This requirement paves the way for colleges and universities to offer Equine Nutrition as a program or as a curriculum course.

It’s easy to remember the basic needs of a horse, including water, protein, and specific vitamins. However, it takes the advanced knowledge of nutrition if you’re in the equine industry and you need to take care of horse breeding.

Equine Nutrition is mostly offered as a subject or course in colleges and universities. It is often part of a veterinary curriculum, and you’ll learn more about calculating the necessary nutrient intake of specific horses.

Mastering the basic and advanced principles of Equine Nutrition could help you garner as an Equine Veterinarian, Equine Nutritionist, or Equine Veterinary Technician.

Equine Rehabilitation

Learning how to conduct proper Equine Rehabilitation is a big part of the horse industry. A horse business leans on equestrians who know what to do in case a horse gets injured. It’s a complex process that includes injury recovery, mobility issues, and potential signs of diseases or illnesses.

If you have a strong grasp of equine rehabilitation, you can assist or even take over the recovery process of an injured horse. This job is very profitable, especially in the sports side of the horse business. Athletic horses, particularly those participating in races and obstacles, need the assistance of equine rehabilitation therapists.

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Career Narratives: Using Storytelling to Stand Out in the Job Market

Using Storytelling to Stand Out in the Job Market

In today’s competitive job market, it can be challenging for job seekers to make a lasting impression on hiring managers. With so many applicants vying for the same position, it’s essential to find ways to stand out from the crowd.

One effective strategy for doing so is by creating a compelling career narrative that tells your unique story and showcases your skills and accomplishments.

What are career narratives?

A career narrative is a personal story that outlines your career journey, including your experiences, skills, accomplishments, and goals. It’s an opportunity to showcase your professional brand and connect with potential employers on a deeper level. A good career narrative is authentic, relevant, and connects with your audience in a meaningful way.

Why use storytelling in job applications?

Storytelling is an effective way to capture someone’s attention and engage them emotionally. By telling a story, you can make a connection with your audience and create a lasting impression. In the job market, where hiring managers are inundated with resumes and cover letters, a well-crafted career narrative can help you stand out from the crowd.

Crafting a compelling career narrative

One crucial step in crafting a compelling career narrative is to create a story outline. Before diving into writing the narrative, it’s essential to plan the structure and key points of the story. 

A story outline will help ensure that the narrative flows logically, hits all the essential points, and remains concise and impactful. 

When creating a story outline, start with a hook that captures the reader’s attention and introduces the main themes of the narrative. Next, highlight your strengths, skills, and accomplishments, making sure to tie them back to your career goals. 

Finally, tailor your story outline to the specific job and company you’re applying to, making sure that the narrative is relevant to their needs. With a well-crafted story outline, you’ll be well on your way to creating a career narrative that stands out in the job market.


In today’s job market, using storytelling techniques in job applications and interviews, you can make a lasting impression on hiring managers and increase your chances of landing your dream job. So take the time to craft your narrative and let your unique story shine.

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Unions’ outrage at “appalling” Freeport contract for controversial P&O owner

P&O Ferries

Unions have been left furious after a company that sacked 900 P&O workers was given a lucrative contract to run a new Freeport in Essex.

The new Thames Freeport will be co-managed by DP World, the company that runs P&O Ferries.

The government says the facility would “grow the economy and unlock high-quality jobs.”

But TUC general secretary Paul Nowak called the decision “appalling” and said ministers were rewarding the company a year after almost 800 ferry workers were abruptly laid off over Zoom and replaced with considerably less expensive agency workers.

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P&O later acknowledged it had broken employment law but argued the move had saved the business.

Mr. Nowak said: “DP World oversaw the brutal – and illegal – sacking of 800 workers at P&O ferries. Ministers should have stripped the company of all its public contracts and severed commercial ties.

“But the government has chosen instead to reward DP World with another bumper deal.

“This is giving a green light to other rogue employers to act with impunity.”

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The government stated DP World, along with automaker Ford and Forth Ports, would be “partners” in the project.

It stressed £25 million in public financing would go to local councils rather than the company.

Freeports are designated economic areas close to airports or shipping ports where standard tax and customs regulations do not apply.

In order to serve as national hubs for trade and investment, eight freeports have previously been established in England.

Read More: Paperchase to close all 106 stores with about 900 job losses

A government spokesperson added the backing would be “used to benefit the entire region”.

The government lately passed its Seafarers Bill designed to progress the employment rights of ferry workers, although the TUC said there were “gaping holes” in the legislation.

It had annulled a contract with P&O in May, which it said was in response to the sackings.

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A spokesperson for Thames Freeport said: “the financial incentives available to occupiers of the Thames Freeport site are expected to generate more than £4.6bn of new investment over the next 25 years, with the public sector component invested exclusively in local public infrastructure”.

They added: “It is important to understand that the financial incentives and tax reliefs on business rates and stamp duty being provided by the central and local government are designed solely to attract occupiers and tenants to the freeport site.

“The three private sector partners that own the land will not directly benefit from these reliefs.”

Source: Sky News

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Insync Bikes to cut jobs after ‘huge erosion’ in demand


A Manchester-based push bike company is laying off employees and closing its headquarters after losing over £4 million.

Insync Bikes has announced restructuring measures after claiming that the UK market had a “huge erosion” of demand in 2022.

The company also wants a £3 million capital injection from its Indian parent business, Hero Cycles, by the end of March next year.

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According to newly filed records with Companies House, the company made a pre-tax loss of £3.7 million for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022, compared to a loss of £769,822 the previous year.

The Trafford Park company also made a pre-tax loss of £4 million in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020, and last made a profit on January 31, 2015.

The statistics came after the company announced ambitions in May 2022 to double its UK market share to 20 percent by 2024 after moving to a new 60,000 sq ft headquarters at Centenary Link.

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On its latest set of accounts, a statement signed off by the board said: “Post Covid-19 pandemic global supply chains presented some challenges.

“The company was able to procure stocks. This diluted any material impact on the sales throughout this period, unlike many organisations who suffered greatly in 2021.

“Sales were flat during the year as markets saw a return to normalcy.

“2022 saw the group incurring losses on account of high upstream and downstream inventories across bards and channels.

“This has resulted in serious margin erosion coupled with socio-economic factors.

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“The group continues to receive unwavering support from the group, with £4.85m of equity being introduced by Hero Cycles during the financial period under review.”

On its future, the company added: “The directors are focused on returning the group to profits. The aim was to capitalise on the substantial improvement in performance during 20/21.

“However the difficulties referred to above have somewhat slowed down this trajectory.

“Despite these challenges, there are substantial new business relationships being forged, all of which are currently live and trading, albeit in their infancy as we speak but regardless still substantial.

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“There is much more to follow on these fronts and we hope to see the benefits of this hard work in months and years to follow.

“Great strides have also been made into securing higher value, more premium product lines, with e-bikes being a huge part of this positive step forward for the group. This will drive both revenue and contribution moving forward.”

The company added “due to UK bike markets experiencing huge erosion in demand during 2022, the operations of the group need to restructured to ensure that the group operates in profit and as a going concern”.

SourceBusiness Live

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Elon Musk offers Twitter staff stock grants at $20 billion value – half what he paid


Elon Musk has offered his Twitter employees stock awards based on a $20 billion valuation – less than half the $44 billion price he paid for it.

In a note to staff, the billionaire expressed optimism about the social-media company’s future. 

He said: “I see a clear, but difficult, path to a >$250B valuation” and suggested stock issued now would be worth 10 times more.

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Musk said Twitter is changing so quickly that it “can be thought of as an inverse startup.” 

He stressed to staff drastic changes were required to keep Twitter from going bankrupt.

Since Musk took over, several big advertisers have pulled their spending on the platform, which has proved a major threat to its major revenue source.

Read More: FTC looking to oust Elon Musk from Twitter, sources say

Twitter said in court filings that parts of its source code were exposed online, raising security concerns for the company.

In a Friday, March 24 email, Twitter said it is giving new equity grants to staff, that will start to vest after six months.

The firm also intends to have a liquidity event in about a year, during which employees can cash out part of their equity.

The number of employees who got equity awards was not disclosed.

Employees have had many questions about compensation since Mr. Musk’s turbulent takeover of Twitter last year.

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Ex-employees said Twitter generally provided stock grants, which vested over several years, as part of the compensation. 

In an email to employees in February, Mr. Musk said that Twitter would issue “very significant stock and other compensation awards, based on performance.” 

He informed staff in November that Twitter will continue to offer stock and that the plan would be comparable to what SpaceX provides.

He added: “Exceptional amounts of stock will be awarded for exceptional performance.”

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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Pharmaron will invest $151 million to create 174 Liverpool jobs


Chinese pharmaceutical giant Pharmaron is to receive £151 million to expand its operations in Liverpool and create 174 jobs.

Pharmaron has been designated one of the first recipients of the Life Sciences Innovative Manufacturing Fund (LSIMF) grants, which are backed by both government and private investment.

The cash means the company will now quadruple its production capacity for essential gene therapy and vaccine components while also securing an additional 156 roles.

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The grants totaled £277 million, with the government contributing £17 million and the private sector contributing £260 million.

The grants have been handed to a number of companies and will lead to the creation in the creation of 320 jobs and the preservation of 199 positions.

In other news, Ipsen has been awarded £75 million to expand its manufacturing of novel medicines for neurological diseases, generating 39 new jobs and retaining 37 at its Wrexham factory.

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Scientist Touchlight has also been given £14 million to create 17 jobs and protect another six at its London headquarters.

Randox, which provides health tests, has also been allocated £36 million to improve the production of antibodies used in diagnostic testing. A new plant in Crumlin, Northern Ireland, will employ 90 people.

Minister of State for Science, Research & Innovation, George Freeman, said: “The UK’s £94bn Life Science sector provides over 250,000 high-skill jobs across the UK from drug discovery to diagnostics, medtech devices and digital health.

Read More: £140 million former Liverpool Rice Krispie factory flats conversion will create more than 150 jobs

“The industry is being transformed by the pace of change: from AI to genomics, bio manufacturing to smart stents and personalised immunotherapies, technologies are converging to create a new era of advanced digital products.

“That requires new types of advances manufacturing plant which is why we set up the Life Sciences Innovative Manufacturing Fund, which today’s news shows is working: converting £17m grants to four companies into £260m industrial investment.”

Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt added: “The UK is home to Europe’s largest life science sector – it’s a real British success story which includes the first Covid vaccine that saved millions of lives.

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“We want to cement Britain’s competitive advantage by backing more innovative projects to develop, manufacture and export those treatments of the future.”

Minister of State for Health Will Quince said: “We’re harnessing the same spirit of innovation that delivered the Covid vaccine, and working hand in hand with industry and healthcare experts to get cutting-edge medicines to patients faster.

“This is an important step towards strengthening the UK’s long-term manufacturing capability while supporting the development of innovative technologies and ground breaking medicines.

“The life sciences sector is crucial to the UK’s health resilience. Through government and industry investment, we will continue to drive it forward – creating jobs and cementing our position as a global life sciences superpower.”

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Virgin Orbit takeover deal stalls as unpaid furlough continues

Virgin Orbit

A deal to save struggling Virgin Orbit has fallen through, meaning staff’s unpaid furlough will continue.

The company had been holding negotiations with investor Matthew Brown, but sources say those talks fell through over the weekend.

CEO Dan Hart notified staff about the recent update in a company-wide email.

Read More: Virgin Orbit to strike $200 million deal with investor Matthew Brown

He had intended to inform staff of the company’s operational condition at an all-hands meeting on Monday, March 27 afternoon.

The meeting was rescheduled at the last minute “for no later than Thursday,” said Hart in the employee memo.

He wrote: “Our investment discussions have been very dynamic over the past few days, they are ongoing, and not yet at a stage where we can provide a fulsome update.”

Recently, Brown said he was in final talks to invest in the firm. 

Read More: Virgin Orbit fights to stay afloat as employees look for new jobs

A source said the investment would have totaled $200 million and gave Brown a controlling stake. 

But another source said talks between Virgin Orbit and the Texas-based investor faltered and ended late last week.

Meanwhile, another source said discussions with a different potential buyer fell through on Sunday night.

Hart promised Virgin Orbit’s roughly 750 staff “daily” updates this week.

Most employees remain on an unpaid furlough that Hart announced on March 15.

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Last week, a “small” team of Virgin Orbit staff returned to work in the “first phase” of an “incremental resumption of operations” to prep a rocket for the company’s next launch.

On the same day, Hart informed staff that Virgin Orbit was suspending operations. 

The company’s board authorized a “golden parachute” severance plan for top executives.

It’s in case they’re laid off “following a change in control” of the company.

Source: CNBC

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Chipotle to pay $240,000 to ex-employees in Maine who tried to unionize


Chipotle Mexican Grill is to pay $240,000 to former employees in Maine after it closed a store where workers were trying to unionize.

In late June last year, employees at the Chipotle restaurant in Augusta, Maine, submitted a petition to unionize under Chipotle United, the first-ever movement at the chain.

But within a month, Chipotle shuttered the outlet, claiming staffing concerns.

But in November, the National Labor Relations Board ruled that the chain broke labor law by closing the restaurant and not recruiting organizers at its other locations.

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Before the filing, employees had previously walked out in protest of working conditions and understaffing.

In June, employees at the Chipotle restaurant submitted a petition to unionize under Chipotle United, the first-ever movement at the chain.

Now, the company has been forced to pay out to its former staff, but still denies any wrongdoing.

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer Laurie Schalow said: “We settled this case not because we did anything wrong, but because the time, energy and cost to litigate would have far outweighed the settlement agreement.”

Read More: Starbucks illegally fired union staff in a “reign of coercion”

While Chipotle United deemed the settlement announced on Monday, March 27, a victory, it did not reopen the shuttered restaurant.

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Former employees at the Augusta outlet will now earn between $5,800 and $21,000 from Chipotle, based on their average hours, pay rate, and length of service.

Chipotle will also offer to place all those employees on a one-year priority hiring list for other Maine sites.

Over 40 restaurants in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts will post notices stating they would not shut stores or discriminate based on union backing.

Source: CNBC

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Security staff strikes mean 300 British Airways Heathrow Airport flights will be cancelled over Easter

British Airways

Security staff strikes means British Airways will cancel more than 300 flights to and from Heathrow Airport over the Easter holiday period.

The walkouts mean 16 return short-haul flights will be cancelled a day and the airline is eliminating nearly five percent of its schedule.

The majority of the impacted customers would either be fully refunded or booked on alternate flights within 24 hours.

Read More: Heathrow Airport security staff to hold 10-day strike over Easter

Unite union members took the decision to strike in a pay dispute with Heathrow, which has given a 10 percent increase following years of pay freezes under Covid.

The employees who are on strike inspect all incoming freight in the airport’s Terminal 5 security lanes, which are only used by British Airways.

The strikes will take place between Friday 31 March, and Easter Sunday, 9 April.

Read More: Heathrow Airport workers to vote on strike action over pay

A BA spokesperson said: “Following Heathrow’s requirement for us to reduce the number of passengers travelling during the period of its employees’ proposed strike action, we’ve regrettably had to make a small number of adjustments to our schedule. Our teams are continuing to work closely with Heathrow to ensure that our customers’ journeys run smoothly.”

While BA is the airline most impacted, Heathrow has requested other airlines to restrict ticket sales in an effort to reduce passenger numbers because long lines are expected during one of the busiest times of the year.

In order to notify travellers and reduce delays, volunteer workers will be deployed, while backup staff will operate the security lanes.

Read More: Heathrow Airport strikes could cause flight chaos ahead of FIFA World Cup

Customers can check in their free hand luggage allowance to assist shorten security lines, according to BA.

A Heathrow spokesperson said: “We will not let these unnecessary strikes impact the hard-earned holidays of our passengers. Our contingency plans will keep the airport operating as normal throughout.

“We are deploying 1,000 additional colleagues and the entire management team who will be in the terminals providing assistance to passengers over the busy Easter getaway.

“As at any busy time, it may take a little longer than usual to get through security, but this will be well managed and kept flowing.”

Heathrow encouraged travellers to check the status of their flights before heading to the airport, to be prepared for security, and to avoid arriving too early.

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Unite’s talks with Heathrow bosses broke down on Thursday after 12 hours.

It is now believed no more negotiations to avoid the strikes are being planned.

Unite’s general secretary, Sharon Graham, has accused Heathrow of paying airport workers “poverty wages while the chief executive and senior managers enjoy huge salaries”, and said members were striking “due to need not greed”.

Meanwhile, Ryanair has called on the European Union to step in to protect international flights over France during strikes there, after action by French air traffic controllers delayed 25 percent of the airline’s flights to countries around Europe at the weekend.

Source: The Guardian

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