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Amazon Invests Millions In UK Skills Training

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Amazon is investing millions in skills training as it faces a landmark balloting process for union recognition in the UK. 

This initiative coincides with the beginning of a ballot that could lead to Amazon recognising a trade union for the first time in the UK.

To mark the 10-year anniversary of its training program, Amazon is making a multimillion-pound investment in job training, adding more than 25 new programs. 

So far, Amazon has invested over £55 million in its Career Choice training programs in the UK

These programs provide 95 percent of pre-paid tuition.

It will provide up to £8,000 over four years, for "nationally recognized courses" from over 20 UK training providers.


In a LinkedIn post, John Boumphrey, Amazon UK country manager, announced the company is investing £23 million in the UK this year. 

This funding will support additional programs, including information security analysis, software testing, procurement, and supply chain management. 

He noted Amazon offers "one of the broadest" ranges of skills and apprenticeship programs in the UK.

It covers tech, sustainability, business administration, and logistics.

This investment comes amid a recent Amazon study revealing that 86 percent of adults consider career development training essential in a new job or role. 

The study also found 25 percent of UK workers cannot afford training independently.

It also revealed 30 percent are worried about staying relevant in their jobs.

The data also shows 74 percent believe workers must retrain and update their skills to remain employable.

Amazon offers "one of the broadest" ranges of skills and apprenticeship programs in the UK

Boumphrey said: “The research reflects what we’re seeing in our workplace, and that is people in the UK want access to skills training programmes.

“Amazon is proud to have offered our upskilling Career Choice programme in the UK for the past 10 years and now to further expand on our courses options, so that thousands of employees across the UK can continue to advance their skills and take on new career opportunities at Amazon and beyond.”

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The BBC reported GMB union representatives are visiting Amazon’s Coventry warehouse to meet with the 3,000 staff members.  

For the proposal, at least 40 percent of the workforce must back it. 

Amazon said employees have always had the choice to join a union.

The company said staff will be invited to attend meetings to hear both sides of the debate. 

The result of the ballot will be announced on July 15.

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