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Amazon Phases Out ‘Just Walk Out’ Tech At U.S Fresh Stores

Amazon Fresh Pickup location sign

Amazon is to discontinue the "Just Walk Out" technology at its Amazon Fresh grocery stores across the U.S.

The system allowed customers to shop and leave without traditional checkout processes. 

Instead, Amazon Fresh will expand the use of Dash Carts, which lets shoppers scan and bag their items directly from their carts.

This change comes as retailers globally reassess checkout technologies amid mixed feedback on self-checkout systems. 

The "Just Walk Out" technology used cameras and sensors to charge customers automatically via an app post-departure.

The technology has been a subject of both praise and parody, including a notable "Saturday Night Live" skit. 

Amazon has decided to scale it back in favor of Dash Carts, which is already in operation in select locations, which similarly reduces the need for cashier interactions.

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Retailers are wrestling with the best checkout solutions to enhance customer experience while addressing concerns like theft.

Last month, Five Below said it would limit self-checkout options.

Amazon's decision affects 27 of the 44 Amazon Fresh stores in the US that currently utilize "Just Walk Out" technology. 

However, this system will remain at Amazon Go convenience stores, a few Amazon Fresh stores in the UK, and certain third-party retail partners. 

Amazon Fresh stores will also feature self-checkout kiosks alongside traditional staffed checkout lanes.

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