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Byju’s downsizes office space as financial struggles continue


Struggling edtech startup Byju's has reportedly reduced its office spaces in Bengaluru as it strives to cut costs and increase liquidity. 

This year, it has already laid off thousands of employees amid legal and financial difficulties.

A source said the startup, which previously operated out of three offices in Bengaluru, has vacated one.

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The downsizing process to reduce two towers to two floors has been ongoing for nearly a month. 

Another source said out of the six floors at its main corporate office, only three remain operational, with the downsizing occurring over the past six to eight months.


Byju's currently rents over 3 million square feet of office space across the country. 

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The firm was previously reported to have given up two of its nine floors at a separate location.

A company spokesperson said: “Expansion and reduction in office space is based on changes in working policies and business priorities, which is very regular and is aimed at boosting operational efficiencies.”

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