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McDonald’s was sued by former manager who put on weight


The dangers of eating too much fast food are well documented.

Diabetes and heart disease are linked to junk food and there is a litany of information available on the health impacts of eating too much fat, salt and sugar.

But in 2010, an unusual lawsuit took place by a manager who was left a little surprised by the fact he put on weight after eating Mcdonald's for lunch every day.

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The case happened in Brazil and was taken by a 32-year-old man.

The man put on 65 pounds over a 12-year period, which works out as 5.4 pounds a year.

This isn't an enormous amount of weight gain, considering he ate McDonald's most days.

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However, the judge ruled in his favor, awarding him $17,500 in damages.

McDonald's was, unsurprisingly, not overly pleased with the result.

In a statement, the fast food giant said: "We're disappointed with this preliminary court ruling, as it's not an accurate representation of our highly regarded work environment and culture. "

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