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Who is Steve Wozniak? The story of the Apple founder

Apple founder Steve Wozniak

Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world, with a track record of incredible innovation and bringing creations like the Mac and the iPhone to consumers.

The main name associated with Apple is Steve Jobs, the polo-neck-wearing genius who tragically died in 2011.

Another man, Ronald Wayne, was also involved, but bailed out early on, leaving behind a life of vast wealth with no regrets.

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In the pantheon of technology pioneers, few stand as tall as Steve Wozniak, the mastermind behind the engineering of Apple's first line of products.

Known affectionately as "Woz," he has become an enduring icon of innovation and a testament to the transformative power of personal computing.

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Early Life and Education

Wozniak was born in August 1950, in San Jose, California.

He had a fascination for electronics from an early age, learning from his engineer father, Martin.

He went on to study at the University of California, Berkeley, further honing his prodigious talent.

The formation of Apple

Apple came to life in 1976, in a garage in the town of Los Altos.

Jobs and Wozniak built the Apple I computer.

The invention was hugely innovative, but it was the Apple II that set the world on fire

Wozniak and Jobs were a superb partnership

The combination of Wozniak's technical brilliance and Jobs' visionary leadership proved to be a fantastic one.

The two were not similar as people and did eventually fall out, but their collaboration remains one of the most famous in business history.

Wozniak possessed an amazing ability to make technology both usable and enjoyable by the general public.

As well as Apple's products, Wozniak also helped create the first ever programmable remote control.

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Life After Apple

Wozniak left Appel in 1985 and continued to work in a number of business and philanthropic projects.

It is thought he is worth hundreds of millions dollars, a lot of which is invested in businesses promoting technology education and electric transport.

What is Steve Wozniak's legacy?

Wozniak will be remembered for his role in an incredible range of Apple products.

But he will also be remembered for the culture of innovation he fostered.

His influence spreads way beyond Apple, as he has inspired countless engineers and businesspeople.

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