Disney managers have reportedly been told to prepare the lists of employees to be cut as part of its ongoing push for profitability.

The latest layoffs are expected to affect nearly 4,000 jobs, with the remaining cuts coming from open roles.

A source said managers must compile the list for layoffs by April.

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Managers have also been assigned targets for budget cuts along with headcount reduction.

It’s not known whether Disney will eliminate staff in smaller rounds over a longer period or lay off thousands at once.

On his first day back at the firm in November, CEO Bob Iger announced plans to dissolve the centralized content and distribution unit DMED.

He also confirmed plans to cut 7,000 jobs on the company’s February earnings call.

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Most of the latest cuts will come from content spending on TV and movies, with the remainder from marketing and other non-content areas.

Disney is cutting costs as it realigns the management of its global linear and streaming assets and its movie business and reconsiders theme park pricing

In February, Iger said in February that Disney would be divided into three branches: Entertainment, ESPN, and Parks, Experiences, and Products.

Disney did not respond to a request for comment.

Source: Insider

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