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Pennsylvania logistics firm creates 75 jobs in Virginia in $20 million expansion

Transportation and logistics firm

Pennsylvania logistics firm creates 75 jobs in Virginia

A transport company is set to spend $20 million on new cross-dock facilities in Virginia, creating 75 new jobs. 

The Pennsylvania-based A. Duie Pyle Inc will build the new facilities in Manassas, Richmond, and Roanoke and will provide 30, 25, and 20 vacancies respectively from the beginning of April.

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin made the announcement on Tuesday, March 15, which marked the company’s first entry into the state. 


Youngkin said: “Global supply chains are experiencing unprecedented pressure and we are pleased that A. Duie Pyle will take advantage of Virginia’s infrastructure and transportation network as a vital provider of supply chain solutions. 

“Manassas, Richmond and Roanoke all offer key logistics assets.”

The firm, based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, was initially a family-owned business for 98 years. 

The firm retains its 27 truckload service centers and 16 warehouses having 3.5 million square feet of public and contract space.

Pyle Chairman and CEO, Peter Latta said: “With a long history of providing our customers throughout the Northeast with premier transportation and logistics services, expanding our footprint with three new facilities across the commonwealth of Virginia has positioned us to directly reach key metropolitan areas along the Eastern Seaboard.” 

“This strategic expansion enables us to improve shipping and schedules, while strengthening our overnight delivery capabilities to neighboring states.”

The new facilities will provide Pyle access to Virginia’s ports and connections to Washington D.C. and Baltimore.

Each of the centers will have drivers, dock workers, supervisors and fleet technicians

The Virginia Economic Development Partnership has helped in the project.

Pyle is qualified to receive state benefits from the Virginia Enterprise Zone program, directed by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development, for the Richmond area.

A. Duie Pyle was founded in 1924 and it provides logistics solutions, fleet operations and warehousing and distribution services.

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