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Lloyds Bank to recruit 600 techies in India 

Lloyds bank building entrance

Lloyds Banking Group is planning to hire 600 tech employees in India by the end of this year.

The UK-based financial services giant has inaugurated its new Lloyds Technology Centre (LTC) in Hyderabad's Knowledge City

This facility represents the largest investment Lloyds has made in India.

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It’s part of its broader £3 billion strategic investment over the next three years to revolutionise its digital services. 

The LTC would be pivotal in deploying AI, Cloud, and Blockchain initiatives throughout the organisation.


It aims to become a hub for modern engineering excellence in the long run, leveraging India's burgeoning tech landscape.

Lloyds intends to concentrate its initial LTC teams on harnessing data, machine learning, and Cloud technology to enhance support for UK-based customers. 

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The company is actively recruiting various specialist roles, including Full Stack, Java Back-End, React, Cloud engineers, and Quality engineers. 

This move follows Lloyds Banking Group's announced LTC plans four months ago. 

LTC won't provide traditional banking services.

But it’ll utilise technology, digital capabilities, data analytics, and innovation to facilitate end-to-end product delivery in line with the Group's international resourcing strategy.

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Ron van Kemenade, Group Chief Operating Officer at Lloyds Banking Group, said LTC's launch marks a significant milestone in the institution's transformative journey. 

“This centre, located in the vibrant tech hub of Hyderabad, will become a hub for innovation and engineering excellence. 

“We’re excited to use this facility to help deliver the transformation the Group requires to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers.” 

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