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Most Indian employees required to work in-person three times a week

Corporate employees working

Indian employers are asking their majority of employees to return to the office, a survey finds.

Almost 66 percent of respondents say their employers require them to be present in the office daily.

Flexible workspace provider Awfis and international property consultant Savills conducted the survey.

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23 percent are following an office-dominant hybrid model, meaning they spend three to four days weekly in the office.

The survey collected responses from over 550 participants across 16 different cities.


Anurag Mathur, CEO of Savills India, said: “In the three years following the pandemic, we have witnessed a radical shift in our understanding and connection with the workplace. 

“These changes, accelerated by global upheavals, pushed workplaces to the brink, resulting in a metaphorical rebirth between 2020 and now.”

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The survey findings highlight variations among industry sectors. 

The tech sector is slower in its return to the office, with 57 percent of respondents from this sector noting the importance of office space, compared to 71 percent in other sectors. 

The e-commerce industry also reveals a divergence, with 91 percent of corporate policies favouring 'only office.'

However, employee preference leans toward a 73:27 split in favour of the hybrid model.

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Amit Ramani, Founder & CEO of Awfis, said: “Workplace transformations have come a long way from being cookie-cutter and strictly utilitarian design to an open setting facilitating employee communication and inclusivity. 

“What were venues built to facilitate company processes are now conceived to leverage human capital effectively. 

“Breaking the barriers of hierarchy, these workplaces are now ruled by the two most talked-about generations: Millennials and Gen Z.”

The survey also delves into employee preferences for office location. 

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Short commute times, accessibility to public transport, and available parking top the list of external factors contributing to an ideal office location. 

A significant portion of respondents (31 percent) expressed concern about commuting, while 26 percent cited the high cost of living as a primary challenge.

The research debunks the stereotype that younger generations seek remote isolation, specifically Gen Z and Millennials. 

The survey shows many respondents are open to "only office" and "office-dominant" hybrid models. 

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