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Entry-Level Indian Job Seekers Want Competitive Pay And Benefits


A recent survey finds seven in 10 entry-level Indian job seekers seek competitive wages and benefits, while five prioritise career advancement opportunities.

The study by job matching and hiring platform Indeed also reveals that a positive work environment is a priority for only 47 percent of respondents. 

There is also a noticeable shift from traditional 9-5 jobs towards gigs and freelance work, indicating a preference for greater autonomy. 

In response, employers increasingly focus on offering competitive wages and career growth opportunities to attract and retain top talent in a dynamic job market.

The average salary for entry-level employees this quarter is around Rs 25,000 per month. 

Indeed’s report highlights a 7.5 percent growth in entry-level hiring in the April-June quarter compared to the January-March period. 


Bengaluru leads with a 12.5 percent growth projection, followed by Mumbai at 10 percent and Chennai at 9 percent. 

Other cities showing significant growth include Ahmedabad (8.5 percent), Pune (7.5 percent), Hyderabad (7.5 percent), Chandigarh (6 percent), Delhi (5.5 percent), and Kolkata (1 percent).

Sashi Kumar, head of sales at Indeed, said: "Metro cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Chennai, renowned as IT hubs, attract numerous fresh graduates with their GCCs (global capability centres) and IT firms. 

“These metro areas excel in adopting new work methods, now focusing on skills-based recruitment.

“Nevertheless, the competitive job market might cause frequent job switches, pushing employers to improve their recruitment tactics.”

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Employers increasingly focus on upskilling employees in soft skills, not just technical abilities. 

Skills like teamwork, communication, and overall workplace effectiveness are highly valued. 

Notably, 76 percent of surveyed employers now prioritize practical abilities and workplace readiness skills over academic credentials for entry-level hiring. 

For example, 42 percent of employers value a positive attitude as a key hiring criterion, and 37 percent prioritise a willingness to learn. 

Kumar added: “As industries become more fast-paced, the ability to learn quickly and have transferable skills is becoming crucial. 

“Entry-level candidates with the right on-the-job skills can immediately contribute.”

Valuvox conducted this survey for Indeed between April and May.

It covering 1,276 employers and 2,531 job seekers across various industries, including BPO customer service, retail, hospitality, delivery services, manufacturing, IT services, BFSI, ecommerce, and logistics.

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