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Over 85 percent of Indian employers expect AI job growth in 5 years

Artificial intelligence

Indian employers are feeling very upbeat about artificial intelligence’s potential to create jobs, a recent global survey finds.

A survey by Indeed, the job search website, finds that over 85 percent of employers believe AI will generate new job opportunities within the next 1 to 5 years. 

Job seekers in India are equally buoyant, with 63 percent excited about the transformative potential of AI and 53 percent confident that AI can generate more jobs. 

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This enthusiasm stems from the belief that AI can improve productivity and manageability and facilitate hiring based on skills and potential rather than just experience.

It also assists job seekers in acquiring or improving their skills and allows them to focus on more complex and significant tasks.


Employers in India also foresee AI's positive impact on employees' tasks and better job security and career development opportunities for their staff. 

Sashi Kumar, Head of Sales at Indeed India, said: "This new survey brings encouraging news that jobseekers are not only aware of the promise of AI but are also excited about its potential. 

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“It demonstrates that job seekers are ready to embrace AI as a force for positive change in their careers. 

“However, employers must work together to devise frameworks that allow the effective use of AI in order to facilitate technological advancement.”

However, amid this optimism, Indian job seekers do harbor concerns. 

These include the need for reskilling or upskilling, potential job losses in their industry or profession, and ethical considerations. 

There are also apprehensions about negative impacts on their work well-being and the possibility of AI introducing bias.

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The survey also provides insights into AI adoption enthusiasm across various sectors in India, including education, healthcare, and media.

The survey reveals that most HR and talent acquisition leaders believe AI systems and tools will make their jobs easier.

Around 86 percent are confident in AI's ability to enhance the hiring and candidate experience.

As for job seekers, 78 percent believe that developing AI systems and tools will improve their hiring and candidate experience. 

However, 50 percent are worried about AI's potential to replace human judgment and intuition in hiring decisions. 

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Job seekers advocate for a continued human approach and monitoring and the inclusion of minority groups in the data used for AI systems and tools to ensure fairness and eliminate bias.

Comparing the Indian perspective with other countries, India stands out as one of the most optimistic regarding AI adoption. 

In India, 98 percent of HR professionals and 91 percent of job seekers already use AI tools.

However, in countries like Japan, 35 percent of HR professionals and 53 percent of job seekers admit not using AI tools professionally. 

The UK, the US, and Canada also see high AI adoption among HR professionals but face resistance from job seekers, who express concerns about AI usage.

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