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Report Finds 41 Percent Of Indian Workers Have At Least Two Sources Of Income

A recent report reveals that 41 percent of Indian workers now have two or more sources of income, the highest percentage among 18 surveyed countries. 

This is part of ADP's annual survey, "People at Work 2024: A Global Workforce View." 

It highlights a significant increase in salary satisfaction among Indian professionals, rising from 49 to 73 percent in 2023.

Salary remains the most critical factor for Indian workers when considering a job, with 55 percent prioritising it. 

Consequently, job satisfaction in India is also the highest among the 18 countries surveyed, at 81 percent. 

The survey indicates a slight variation in satisfaction rates by gender, with female respondents reporting higher satisfaction (84 percent) compared to their male counterparts (78 percent). 


Notably, the education sector boasts the highest satisfaction rate at 88 percent.

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Rahul Goyal, Managing Director, ADP India & Southeast Asia, said: "It's encouraging to see workers more satisfied with their compensation, which translates to more productive and engaged workforces. 

“Amid the strong economic growth and the war for talent, employers need to offer fair compensation to ensure the financial security and overall well-being of their workforce."

Despite the emphasis on salary, the report also highlights a significant issue: over half of the Indian workers surveyed (55 percent) regularly receive incorrect payments. 

Goyal added: "This highlights the importance of having a robust payroll system to ensure timely and precise compensation." 

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