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Salesforce To Hire Talent For New AI Roles In India

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Salesforce India is actively recruiting for new roles due to the rise of artificial intelligence.

Nathalie Scardino, Salesforce’s Chief People Officer, said the company is hiring for positions like prompt engineers, AI trainers, and ethical AI architects. 

She said: “AI is fuelling job creation. While traditional roles will continue to evolve, AI is also creating a myriad of new high-paying, in demand roles across industries — including at Salesforce. 

“We’re hiring for jobs today that didn’t exist as recently as last year. 

“For instance, the ethical AI architect is really sitting with our product teams to think objectively about how bias could show up within AI.”

She highlighted that the Chief AI Officer is the latest role in the C-suite, responsible for setting an organization’s AI strategy. 


Prompt engineers, for example, craft prompts for AI tools like GPT products to achieve the most accurate results, while AI trainers work with extensive datasets to enhance chatbot responses. 

Ethical AI architects ensure that AI applications adhere to responsible use and governance frameworks.

A recent IDC white paper, sponsored by Salesforce, predicts a major increase in hiring for roles such as data architects, AI ethicists, and AI solutions architects over the next 12 months. 

The report also forecasts creating 11.6 million new jobs within the Salesforce ecosystem over the next six years.

To adapt to these changes, Salesforce has revamped its hiring process to focus on skills and core competencies. 

Scardino explained that the company matches potential candidates to roles based on leads from recruiting events, their career website, social channels, and more, regardless of whether they have formally applied. 

With over 2 million applicants annually, this approach helps ensure that top talent is not overlooked. 

AI and automation are also utilized to align talent with the right jobs based on skills.

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Additionally, Salesforce has developed a talent marketplace using AI to map opportunities to employees at the right time, proactively presenting opportunities when an employee might be at risk of leaving. 

Salesforce employs 11,000 people in India across Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Gurugram, Pune, and Jaipur. 

The company has quadrupled its headcount in the last three years, adding 1,000 employees in four months.

During her recent visit to India, Scardino interacted with engineering and product teams and discussed the 80-20 rule.

She said: “We believe 20% of the time is really about innovation, sailing fast, coming back with new ideas, being able to take the time to go and innovate on our platform and create new applications. 

“And learning is this culture of continuous learning that I think is so important to stay agile as market trends and conditions change.”

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