A chauffeur for football tycoon Steve Gibson was sacked for accidentally sending his wife a text calling her “f*** nuts”.

The chauffeur Gerry Glover, 53, then made the situation worse by texting Polly Gibson again, saying she was “taking the p*ss” when she messaged him to arrange a pick-up.

Mr Glover quickly sent another text apologising and claiming he was referring to his dog, not her, but she replied: “I think the damage is done”.

She forwarded Mr Glover’s text to Mr Gibson, owner of Championship side Middlesbrough, and he replied with a thumbs-up, an employment tribunal heard. Mr Glover told the court he was texting his partner but was made redundant from his £30,000 per annum job of four years after returning from their honeymoon.

Mr Gibson stated that the reason for the redundancy was because he no longer needed a driver; however, he employed another chauffeur soon after Mr Glover left.

Judge Andrea Pitt branded the redundancy explanation a “sham” and ruled that Mr Glover was unfairly dismissed. Compensation will be decided later.

Source: TheSun