The Ministry of Heavy Industries has made it clear that it does not support a reduction in import duties, a key demand from Tesla, ahead of the visit by a team of Tesla executives.

While the specific demands from Tesla are currently unclear, the ministry had previously rejected a proposal by Niti Aayog and the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) to lower duties for vehicles, including those manufactured by Tesla.

An official stated the decision on duty reduction lies with the finance ministry, but the Ministry of Heavy Industries is against such a move.

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Discussions have taken place regarding demands for tariff cuts under the proposed free trade agreements with the UK and the European Union.

As the administrative agency responsible for automobile-related policies, the ministry’s recommendation carries significant weight.

The stance of the Ministry of Heavy Industries adds further complexity to the engagement between Tesla and the Indian government.

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Tesla has been engaging with the government intermittently, but their specific demands and the outcome of the discussions remain uncertain.

The visit by the Tesla executives is anticipated to shed light on the company’s expectations and requirements for operating in the Indian market.

However, the Ministry of Heavy Industries’ opposition to import duty reduction suggests that Tesla may face challenges in obtaining favorable vehicle trade conditions.

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The final decision on duty reduction will rest with the finance ministry, taking into account various factors, including the recommendations of different ministries and the overall economic considerations of the country.

The outcome of these deliberations will determine the future of Tesla’s operations and market entry strategy in India.

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