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Top 10 Sites With Jobs In The UAE

Skyscrapers in Dubai's financial district

In recent decades, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become not only a popular tourist destination but also an attractive destination for those wishing to start a new life and career.

Hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals come here every year in search of jobs and new opportunities.

However, as with any country, securing a new job can present challenges here in the UAE, especially for those who don't know where to start.

In this article, we take a look at the top most effective UAE job search sites that will help you find the right jobs in this career-friendly region.

Top 10 Best Sites

Let's take a look at the best job search sites in UAE:



This popular website offers the option to create your CV and search for jobs in the UAE. In addition to this, it also offers useful employment resources, making a useful resource for those looking for jobs in the region.


LinkedIn, while not exclusively a job search site, provides tremendous opportunities for professional networking and job searching. The service provides a platform to tidy up your profile, add a resume, and announce your readiness for new career opportunities.


Layboard provides an extensive array of employment prospects across diverse sectors., from hospitality to information technology.

This site is characterized by unique job opportunities in the UAE and helps job seekers open the door to better life and career prospects in this country.


With over 7000+ job openings spanning virtually every sector of the UAE economy., this portal provides ample job opportunities. Among the top categories on the site, you can find vacancies in PR, marketing and healthcare.


This resource is one of the leading job search sites in the UAE, offering vacancies in various industries and positions across the country.


In addition to job openings, this site provides online courses and other features that help with job search and professional development.

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This website is one of the largest in Dubai and presents current job openings from reputed companies like Asus, Intel, and others.

8. specializes in oil industry jobs and Provides an extensive variety of employment options in this sector in the UAE.


It is an employment opportunity through a government web portal for job seekers in the UAE, including government jobs.

10.    ArabianBusiness

ArabianBusiness, tailored for entrepreneurs, offers a wide variety of job openings in various industries.

Aside from business-related roles, the platform advertises vacancies in IT, finance, and marketing fields.

For expatriates seeking long-term employment in the UAE, ArabianBusiness serves as a valuable resource. It offers abundant useful information for migrants and individuals contemplating launching businesses in the UAE.

Factors you should take into consideration specifics of employment in the UAE

Employment in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has its peculiarities that are important to consider

  1. Visa and work permit. To work in the UAE, one must have a labor visa and work authorization. Usually, this is organized by the individual's employer. Working in the country without a work permit is illegal.
  2. Cultural sensitivities. The UAE has strict regulations and cultural norms that are important to respect in the workplace. For example, respect for religious and cultural traditions is valued here, additionally, it's crucial to strictly comply with safety regulations.
  3. Language skills. Knowledge of English is a plus when looking for a job, especially in international companies. However, depending on the field, knowledge of Arabic may also be important.
  4. Working hours and vacation. In the UAE, the typical work week consists of five days, with Saturdays and Sundays designated as days off. In some sectors, such as retail, a day off may be moved to another day of the week. Vacation is usually granted during the year of employment and may vary depending on the position within the company.
  5. Contract features. When signing a contract, it is important to carefully review the terms and conditions of employment, including salary, working hours, vacation pay and other benefits. Additionally, it's crucial to consider the responsibilities of the role, organizational culture, and company policies.
  6. Salary and taxation. The United Arab Emirates is famous for its high wages, especially in certain industries such as oil and finance. There is usually no personal income tax, but there could also be different kinds of taxation such as VAT and excise taxes.
  7. Career prospects. The UAE offers a wide range of career opportunities, especially in international companies. The country is actively directing investments into a variety of industries, which creates a need for highly skilled professionals.

Where should you start your job search?

Let's explore each of these aspects more thoroughly and underscore how they contribute to a successful job hunt in the UAE:

  1. Online search. Using specialized job sites such as Layboard, Bayt, GulfTalent, Naukrigulf, Dubizzle, Indeed, and LinkedIn allows you to find many jobs that match your profile. You can customize filters by criteria such as job title, experience level, industry, and location to see only relevant jobs. This saves you time and allows you to effectively focus on relevant offers.
  2. Networking. Networking with acquaintances working in the UAE can be very helpful in your job search. Recommendations from your network of contacts are often perceived as reliable by employers and can greatly increase your chances of being invited for an interview. Remember that in the UAE, connections and recommendations are particularly important in the hiring process.
  3. Recruitment agencies. Reaching out to recruitment firms that focus on the UAE sector can be an effective way to access hidden vacancies and get support during the job search process. Experienced agencies can help you with resume preparation, interview preparation and even salary negotiation.
  4. Direct application. Researching the websites of companies you are interested in and sending your resume directly can yield results, particularly if you have a targeted job search in a particular organization or industry. Prepare a brief but informative cover letter emphasizing your interest in the company and your relevance to the position being offered.
  5. Event attendance. Attending professional events in the UAE can help you make valuable contacts with potential employers and recruiters. Be prepared to actively network and present your professional experience. Also important to monitor events specific to your industry or profession to maximize your time at events.

With these tips and specialized job search sites, you have a powerful toolkit to achieve your career goals in the UAE.

Don't forget the importance of patience, perseverance and a willingness to actively engage with the professional community.

Utilize all available resources to unlock your potential and find the perfect opportunity to grow and develop your career in this dynamic and promising country. Success in your UAE career!

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