Pandora has hiked its hourly wages by 14 percent for UK and Ireland store employees, the third pay rise in the last 12 months.

The jewellery retailer also provided new employee benefits in addition to the pay rise, which became effective earlier this month.

Retail workers in London have seen their hourly wages increase by 10 percent to £11.95.

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Store employees in the rest of the UK received a 14 percent hike to £10.90, while team members in Ireland got a 12 percent rise to £12.21.

Meanwhile, the store management team received an average 12 percent pay rise.

The slew of added incentives includes a monthly bonus for all store teams and a personal allowance of up to £500 for own-brand jewellery.

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Pandora has also offered a raft of incentives for its staff, including a monthly bonus for all store teams and a personal allowance for own-brand jewellery up to £500.

Employees are also receiving an opportunity to win a team holiday to Thailand.

Rasmus Brix, managing director for the UK and Ireland, said: “We have an exceptional team at Pandora who put an incredible amount of passion and energy into making the customer experience so unique.

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“Investing in the growth and fulfilment of our retail teams has been a top priority for us.

“We’ve put a great amount of effort into fostering a healthy workplace culture – one where our employees are not only rewarded competitively, but also where they feel heard, valued and supported through the right tools, platforms and policies.

“We are absolutely committed to developing these areas even further as our business experiences growth.”

Source: Retail Gazette

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