The world of deep-sea lobster fishing is not something a lot of people are overly familiar with.

Generally speaking, it’s cold, bleak, and can be very dangerous.

But one man is bringing the world of the lobster to life and creating fascinating videos about life at sea.


That man is Jacob Knowles, a fifth-generation fisherman from Maine.

Jacob has 939,000 followers on TikTok and has proved a charming and charismatic host as he gives an insight into a world many people know nothing about.

Moving a long way from the millions of videos of people dancing and lip-syncing on the hugely popular social media platform, Jacob is able to help the viewer learn just what it takes to get the lobsters from the sea bed on to diners’ plates at expensive restaurants.

Speaking to the Boston Globe, he said: “Things started picking up, and followers started rolling in.

“I couldn’t believe when I hit 10,000 …then probably five days after that, I was at 50,000.

“I thought ‘I’d like to just keep pushing the educational stuff. ”

Videos on his account see him showing off the “biggest lobster he’s ever caught” – a 10lb monster with giant claws (see the above clip).

Another shows a lobster in the process of “regenerating” its claws.

One mini-series was his “Tik Tok triple,” where he used the traps to catch “cool sea creatures.”

Jacob’s TikTok page can be found here, and he can also be found on other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

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