Wise words and savage quips from the worlds of music, politics and money.

“Mum made a huge number of viral movies from the Sixties onwards and earned a great deal of money, but because she was a minor, the fruits of her labor were put in a trust fund until she came of age. The Inland Revenue ransacked it on her 21st birthday and helped itself to a whopping 91 percent. Amazingly this didn’t make her bitter.”

Crispian Mills on his mother, the Oscar-winning actress Hayley Mills, quoted in The Sunday Times.

“We have two parliamentary groups. One thinks the MPs’ £82,000 salary is the basic salary they can build up outside Westminster, and the other considers £82,000 all the money in the world. It is becoming a major source of friction.”

A senior Conservative on the division between Red Wall Tories and the party’s old guard in the sleaze row quoted in the Daily Mail.

“The concerns which fail have scattered their capital, which means they have scattered their brains also, I tell you: ‘Put all your eggs in one basket and watch that basket’.. It is trying to carry too many baskets that breaks most eggs in this country.”

US steel magnate Andrew Carnegie’s criticism of conglomerates, quoted in The Sunday Times.

“Inflation is just like alcoholism. In both cases… the good effects come first. The bad effects only come later.”

Economist Milton Friedman, quoted in The Wall Street Journal.

“No-and I’m aware that if a male footballer were asked that question, they would probably answer yes… people who don’t know much about women’s football assume we [do]. But we don’t.”

Footballer Emily Ramsey on whether she earns crazy money, quoted in The Mail on Sunday.

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