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Birmingham Airport Hires More Staff To Address Long Queues 

Birmingham Airport entrance

Birmingham Airport has recruited extra staff to "explain cabin baggage liquid rules to passengers" who face long queues to pass through security. 

This short-term measure follows ongoing criticism over lengthy delays that have caused some travellers to miss their flights.

The airport has also opened an enlarged temporary structure with several "liquid check stations." 

CEO Nick Barton said: "The more we can do together to reduce the number of bags that don't comply with these rules, the more we can reduce queues at security screening."

He expressed disappointment over the UK government's temporary reintroduction of restrictions on carrying liquids over 100ml in hand luggage, a rule that had been eased but was reinstated.

Birmingham Airport has invested £60 million in new scanners designed to handle bottles of liquid up to two liters, anticipating a relaxation of the liquid rules. 


"These new measures are designed to give passengers a smoother and easier experience though security" 

These next-generation security checkpoints aim to provide a smoother and easier security experience by scanning luggage containing larger liquid volumes.

Third-party customer service specialists have been hired to help passengers understand and prepare for current security rules. 

Mr Barton said the extra "third-party customer service specialists" would explain current rules, external and help passengers "prepare for security".

He added: "These new measures are designed to give passengers a smoother and easier experience though security." 

He said about one in six passengers at Birmingham are not following the liquid limit procedures, contributing to the delays.

Travelers have criticised the airport for weeks of disruption, with Birmingham reporting more frequent delays than other UK airports. 

In May, reports indicated that Birmingham needed at least 100 more security agents, with vacant positions making recruiting and retaining staff difficult.

The airport has been undergoing construction for over a year to create a new, streamlined security search area. 

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The ongoing work has closed escalators, forcing travellers to queue for lifts to reach the security area. 

This restricted access to the first floor has been a major issue, with passengers describing the situation as a "complete fiasco."

Andrew and Jill Saunders, frequent travellers, criticised Mr. Barton for blaming everyone but the airport. 

They pointed out that passengers are funnelled into lines, eventually leading to overcrowded lifts with no escalators or staircases available. 

The terminal's ongoing construction has left ceilings down, wiring exposed, and passengers navigating narrow, dimly-lit corridors.

Another traveller, Bradley Stone, described the queue management as "woeful" and vowed to avoid using Birmingham Airport in the future, calling it "currently the worst airport in the UK."

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