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Superdry resolves trademark dispute with Dryrobe

The Superdry Fashion Clothing Store

Superdry and outdoor retailer Dryrobe have settled their trademark infringement dispute.

Superdry claimed a particular font in Dryrobe's logo closely resembled its own branding

Dryrobe will “cease use of the [stylised Dryrobe sign] or any marks which contain the element ‘dry’ depicted using any member of the Helvetica family of fonts both on product and across all point of sale and digital materials.”

Dryrobe has also agreed not to order any new stock that displays the logo.

Superdry said it was “pleased to have reached a settlement with Dryrobe in its High Court claim for damages concerning the breach of a previous agreement, whereby Dryrobe would not order more stock featuring a logo which infringed Superdry’s brand.

“The terms of the settlement are confidential. Superdry will always take all necessary steps to protect its brand and intellectual property.”

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Superdry is also suing Manchester City, alleging trademark infringement over the football club's use of "Asahi super 'dry'" in its 2023/24 men's and women's training kits. 

Superdry alleges the similarity between "Super 'Dry'" and its brand name is so minimal that the average consumer could easily overlook it.

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