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Asda workers in Lowestoft to cast strike vote

Frontage of Asda supermarket

Asda's Lowestoft supermarket could face a strike action as GMB union members prepare for a ballot.

The union reported a preliminary ballot involving nearly 200 members at the store.

It showed close to 90 percent favoured striking, with participation in the vote just below 80 percent.

The GMB union will officially announce the strike ballot to Asda, with voting scheduled for next week. 

The union said workers were “angry” at “cuts in hours.

They also claim there is poor quality training, bullying management and health and safety issues not being addressed”.

"We have evidence of around 4,000 health and safety breaches"

Among the cited safety violations were blocked fire exits and malfunctioning fire alarm systems.

The grievances extend to unresolved equal pay issues and the lack of a collective bargaining agreement with the GMB.

GMB regional organiser Keith Dixon said: “We have evidence of around 4,000 health and safety breaches, including blocked fire exits, fire routes, and fire extinguishers, along with faulty fire alarm systems.”

He said: “It’s illegal and it should be addressed – we have sent with photographic evidence to Asda but they appear to be burying their heads in the sand. 

“Meanwhile workers face cuts to their hours and inadequate training – they’ve had enough.

“GMB is behind every one of our members within Asda Lowestoft in making sure their voices are heard and they are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.”

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An Asda spokesperson said: “We have established processes in place for colleagues to raise any issues or concerns they may have and we have not received any formal complaints at the Lowestoft store relating to the claims made by the GMB.

“Providing a safe working environment is of paramount importance to us and if colleagues have any safety-related concerns we would ask these are brought to the attention of a manager immediately so they can be investigated and promptly resolved.”

Asda supermarkets face growing staff unrest as seen at its Gosport, Wisbech, and two Brighton locations. 

GMB members at its Wisbech, Brighton Hollingbury, and Brighton Marina stores will vote on whether to strike.

The voting period is set from Friday, February 16 to Tuesday, March 5.

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