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Majestic Wine partners with Rest Less to hire over-50s workforce

A branch of Majestic wine warehouse at Tenterden in Ken

Majestic Wine has partnered with Rest Less, a digital platform catering to those over 50, to recruit more older employees. 

The collaboration means Majestic can advertise job vacancies across all sectors on the Rest Less job board. 

The move responds to a surge in over-50s joining the company amid the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis. 

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Rising interest rates and inflation have driven many over-50s back into the workforce. 

Since September 2019, Majestic Wine has recruited 231 new employees over 50 - a remarkable 90 percent increase. 

Over the past four years, 168 new staff members aged over 50 have been hired across the company's stores, Hemel Hempstead distribution centre, and Watford support centre

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Currently, 35 percent of Majestic's workforce in the UK stores are over the age of 50, ahead of the industry average. 

This strategic alliance aims to leverage the experience and expertise of older workers, contributing to the company's diverse and dynamic team.

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