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Tata Steel workers at Port Talbot face imminent job cuts

Tata Steel's Port Talbot steel plant in South Wales

Tata Steel workers at Port Talbot face imminent job cuts

Unions have warned of potential redundancies at Port Talbot steelworks in South Wales within months.

The concerns arise as Tata Steel, the owner of the UK’s largest steelworks, looks to secure its future.

Last week, the UK government approved a £500 million support package for Tata Steel.

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The company is expected to invest approximately £725 million in transitioning to greener production techniques.

Around 3,000 job losses would occur among Tata’s 8,000-strong UK workforce. 

The plan entails a move from coal-powered blast furnaces to less labor-intensive electric arc furnaces.

However, the unions are striving to prevent compulsory redundancies. 

Tata executives recently met with union representatives to discuss the plans.

It includes the potential closure of coke ovens in Port Talbot as early as January. 

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Charlotte Brumpton-Childs, a GMB national officer, said: “Today’s meeting with Tata bosses was the first step in the long process of consulting meaningfully with our members over steel job losses.

“Tata must be completely open throughout this process and not shut themselves off from solutions which decarbonise steel without redundancies. 

“This deal is not and must not be a fait accompli – workers had a voice.”

“A bad deal for our steel industry”

A spokesperson for the Community union said: “Last week’s announcement was a bad deal for our steel industry. 

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“We want to work with Tata and the government to deliver a decarbonisation strategy that respects our red lines and crucially protects our members’ jobs through ensuring a just green transition.

“There will be a series of consultation meetings, and we will be clear to Tata that we will do whatever it takes to protect our members’ interests.”

A Tata Steel spokesperson said: “We believe our £1.25bn proposal for green steelmaking in Port Talbot will secure jobs, bolster UK steel security and help develop a green ecosystem in the region.

“We are committed to meaningful consultation with our trade union partners about these proposals and will listen carefully to their concerns.”

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