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Tesco accused of “greenwashing” over sale of Brazilian chicken

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Tesco has come under fire over selling Brazilian chicken

Supermarket giant Tesco has been accused of “greenwashing” for continuing to sell Brazilian chicken.

The company previously pledged to stop selling the meat due to its concerns over deforestation in the South American country.

However, it has been found to still be selling chicken from Brazil despite its promise.

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The Times revealed campaigners discovered Brazilian chicken in Tesco stores.

They are now urging he Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to probe into whether Tesco has made deceptive statements and violated the regulator’s Green Claims Code.

A spokesperson from Tesco said the meat had been sourced by mistake.

They said: “The chicken product outlined is from a small, branded supplier and should not have been listed in our stores.

“We take our commitments extremely seriously, and apologise for this case of genuine error.

We have spoken to the supplier who is rectifying it.”

He added the company “will be reminding all our suppliers about our sourcing requirements when it comes to Brazilian meat.”

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Earlier this year, Mighty Earth identified links between Tesco’s chicken and pork products and illegal burning and deforestation of 400 hectares of the Brazilian rainforest.

Tesco’s CEO, Ken Murphy, reiterated the company’s commitment to sourcing only deforestation-free soy by 2025.

He emphasized the importance of offering tangible and financial assistance to Brazilian farmers dedicated to producing zero-deforestation soy and preserving native vegetation.

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