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The man who is paid to watch paint dry

Green paint on a wall

Green paint on a wall

Most of us have had weird jobs we find a little bit dull, almost as boring as “watching paint dry.”

Who hasn’t found themselves constantly checking the clock as they sit punching data into endless spreadsheets? Or not had enough work to do to get through the day?

One man in France even successfully sued his company because he got so bored!

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The term, “like watching paint dry” is well-known for describing something incredibly tedious.

However, did you know “watching paint dry” is actually a real job?

That’s right, and it’s actually a very important job.

One man is the research scientist Dr Thomas Curwen, who worked for the famous Dulux brand.

His job was literally watching paint dry.

However, it’s a bit more advanced than you’d think, as Dr Curwen’s job is to watch the paint dry, and observe how it changes colour and texture as it dries.

Speaking to OddityCentral in 2014, Dr Curwen explained: “At Dulux, we’re passionate about delivering high-quality paint to our consumers.

“And that means we spend a lot of time using microscopes to watch paint dry, so that we can develop a better understanding of how to form the most durable films.”

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