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Elon Musk’s replacement as Twitter CEO should be named by end of 2023

Twitter headquarters

Elon Musk has confirmed his replacement as Twitter CEO would probably be named "by the end of this year."

The Tesla billionaire spoke in a video call to the World Government Summit in Dubai, where he highlighted ensuring the platform's functionality remained his top priority.

He said: “I think I need to stabilize the organization and just make sure it’s in a financial healthy place.

“I’m guessing probably toward the end of this year would be good timing to find someone else to run the company.”

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It is unclear how seriously Musk will consider that timeframe.


His comments came hours after he tweeted a picture of his shiba inu dog, Floki, as the company's "CEO."

Musk tweeted: "So much better than that other guy!" 

After the posts, the value of Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency based on the image of a shiba inu meme, surged by about 5 percent.

His acquisition of Twitter followed chaos at the microblogging site due to mass firings and other cost-cutting initiatives.

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Musk gave a 35-minute talk in which he discussed his concerns about artificial intelligence, the fall of civilization, and the prospect of extraterrestrial invaders.

When asked about Twitter, Musk described both Tesla and SpaceX as able to run without his direct, day-to-day engagement.

He said: “Twitter is still somewhat a startup in reverse. 

“There’s work required here to get Twitter to sort of a stable position and to really build the engine of software engineering."

Musk also tried to portray his takeover of Twitter, based in San Francisco, as a cultural correction.

Source: ABC News

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