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Elon Musk’s X Names Kylie McRoberts As New Safety Head 

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Elon Musk’s X has appointed Kylie McRoberts as its new head of safety to rebuild relationships with advertisers.

The appointment comes after the social media giant alienated some key stakeholders after previous policy changes. 

McRoberts has been integral to the platform's security operations and has expertise in handling sensitive content.

She will helm the team tasked with upholding and evolving X's policy framework.

X has also welcomed Yale Cohen, a former executive at Publicis Media, to lead its brand safety and advertiser solutions. 

At Publicis Media, Cohen safeguarded brand ads from being associated with unsuitable content.

This included racist or violent videos.

These appointments come in the wake of alterations Musk instigated at X—formerly Twitter—since acquiring it in 2022.

The platform saw a relaxation of content restrictions and a reduction in content-moderation roles. 

Musk called an antisemitic post "the actual truth," which stirred controversy.

He later clarified that it was not meant to convey antisemitism. 

This episode led to companies like Disney temporarily pulling their ads on the platform.

Key Safety Executives Have Left

The platform has seen the departure of several key safety executives over the past year, underscoring challenges in maintaining a safe and trustworthy environment. 

Several safety executives like A.J. Brown and Ella Irwin, the former head of trust and safety department, left the company last year. 

Yoel Roth, also a former trust and safety head, exited in 2022 shortly after Musk took over, after years with the company. 

Roth said the new management didn’t listen to the advice from his team.

Later, Roth said he faced online harassment and held the company responsible for not enforcing its rules. 

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He said Musk was “fanning those flames.”

Linda Yaccarino, who became X's CEO in 2023, has sought to reassure advertisers of the platform's commitment to safety and free speech coexistence. 

Despite efforts, some initiatives, such as a canceled show with Don Lemon following his interview with Musk, have been met with criticism.

In a recent interview, Musk noted a resurgence in advertiser interest and an uptick in revenue, though specific figures were not disclosed. 

External assessments suggest fluctuating user engagement despite the company's claims of stable daily active user numbers and increased platform activity.

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