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Tesla loses legal battle in Sweden over license plate delivery

Tesla Model S at Supercharger Station at night

Tesla loses legal battle in Sweden over license plate delivery

Tesla has lost a case against the Swedish postal service, PostNord, as the row with Nordic trade unions increases.

The court in Sweden ruled PostNord did not need to deliver license plates to Tesla.

The postal service workers are withholding the delivery due to ongoing strikes. 

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This legal blow is part of a broader conflict escalating across Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

Unions support IF Metall mechanics in Sweden, who initiated a strike on October 27, demanding a collective agreement with Tesla. 

The pressure on Tesla intensified when a major Danish pension fund announced it would divest its holdings in Tesla.

It’s due to the carmaker's refusal to engage in such agreements. 

Denmark's largest trade union has joined the strike actions initiated by Tesla's workers in Sweden.

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The Swedish court's decision is an interim measure before a final ruling.

It stems from Tesla's legal action against PostNord for its workers' refusal to deliver license plates as part of a sympathy strike. 

The Solna district court ruled that PostNord should not be compelled to make deliveries to Tesla until the case is fully adjudicated.

Workers, including dock workers, drivers, electricians, and cleaners, either refuse to service Tesla or threaten to do so in solidarity with IF Metall. 

Despite being a key market for Tesla, the Nordic region has become a contentious battleground. 

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Tesla, led by CEO Elon Musk, has consistently opposed collective bargaining.

He asserts its staff already enjoy terms as good or better than those demanded by IF Metall.

Elon Musk, expressing his disapproval of unions, remarked last week, "I disagree with the idea of unions. 

“I just don’t like anything which creates a lords-and-peasants kind of thing." 

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The Nordic countries, notably Norway and Sweden, are crucial markets for Tesla.

Its Model Y ranks as the top-selling car in Sweden this year. 

A court ruled on November 27 that the Swedish Transport Agency must find a way to deliver license plates to Tesla, a decision currently under appeal. 

While some Swedish pension funds have urged Tesla to engage in a collective agreement with the union, they have refrained from selling their shares. 

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