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Uber Rolls Out Affordable Shuttle Service For Airport And Event Rides

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Uber is introducing a new service called Uber Shuttle to make rides to the airport, concerts, and sporting events more affordable. 

Uber Shuttle allows users to book up to five seats in a shuttle from a central location to their destination at a cost lower than a regular Uber ride. 

The shuttle rides will not be subject to surge pricing, typically when ride demand is high.

Users can reserve their seats up to a week before their trip and will receive a QR code ticket for boarding. 

The shuttles, which will have capacities ranging from 14 to 55 seats, will be operated by local shuttle companies with commercially licensed drivers. 

Riders will also have the option to rate and tip their drivers through the Uber app, similar to standard Uber rides.

Uber has previously tested shuttle services in markets like India and for corporate customers. 

This summer, the service will be available to US consumers in select cities, including Chicago, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, and Miami, with plans for further expansion.

Users can reserve their seats up to a week before their trip 

The Uber Shuttle is part of a broader set of new features announced at Uber's annual product update event. 

Other announcements include a discounted Uber One membership program for students and the ability for Uber Eats users to order from Costco without needing a Costco membership.

These initiatives are designed to increase the appeal of Uber’s services by focusing on affordability and convenience. 

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This strategy comes as consumers face rising prices for various goods and services, leading to tighter budgets. 

By diversifying its offerings beyond traditional ride-hailing, Uber aims to strengthen its market position against competitors like Lyft.

Additionally, Uber introduced a feature for caregivers, allowing them to book rides, order groceries, and purchase medical supplies for those they care for. 

This feature includes the ability to apply medical benefits to cover the costs and enables a three-way chat between the caregiver, rider, and driver.

Another new feature allows riders to pre-book shared rides for a discount, reminiscent of the former Uber Pool. 

This option, intended for commuters, will initially launch in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, and Atlanta.

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