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UAW threatens strike escalations amid ongoing talks with Detroit majors

UAW members on strike

UAW threatens strike escalations amid ongoing talks with Detroit majors

The United Auto Workers has warned of an expansion to its strike action unless there is progress in negotiations with Detroit automakers. 

Talks between the UAW and General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis have continued for nearly two weeks amid a limited strike across all three companies. 

The UAW plans to identify new strike targets on Friday and initiate walkouts unless negotiations for new four-year contracts advance.

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Last week, the UAW expanded the strike to include 38 parts distribution centers owned by GM and Stellantis.

However, Ford was spared due to progress in contract talks. 

GM and Stellantis have strategized using white-collar workers at parts hubs to continue shipping components for customer maintenance and dealership repairs. 

Stellantis also leased a nonunion warehouse and stockpiled 30 days’ inventory for various parts.

It remains uncertain if Stellantis has deployed salaried staff to process parts after the strike. 

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A Stellantis spokesman declined to comment on these plans but expressed disappointment in the union’s decision to strike at parts hubs.

GM has prepared to employ white-collar workers for parts shipments, a strategy it used during a 2019 strike. 

A GM spokesperson said: “We have contingency plans for various scenarios. “We are evaluating if and when to enact those plans.”

Ford has trained white-collar staff for parts depot support, but their distribution centers operate without disruption.

The strike affected Jeep SUVs, midsize Chevrolet pickup trucks, Ford Bronco SUVs, and other models.

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These account for only about 10 percent of North American production for the companies.

However, the consumer impact has been limited. 

The interruption of parts supply is causing delays in dealerships’ customer servicing.

It affects routine maintenance and less common components needed for repair work.

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Furthermore, the strike has repercussions for nonstriking plants and the supply chain.

Over 3,000 workers are facing potential layoffs, affecting operations across multiple facilities.

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