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Walmart To Cut Corporate Jobs And Relocate Workers

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Walmart is cutting hundreds of corporate jobs and requiring most remote workers to relocate to offices, sources said.

Employees in smaller offices in Dallas, Atlanta, and Toronto have also been asked to move to central hubs.

Those are Walmart’s corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, as well as Hoboken, New Jersey, or Northern California. 

While remote work will still be permitted part-time, staff are expected to spend most of their time in offices.

As the largest employer in the US, Walmart has 1.6 million workers, primarily in stores and warehouses, with tens of thousands of corporate employees nationwide. 

Like many other companies, Walmart has reduced remote work flexibility and consolidated smaller offices nationwide. 

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Last year, it closed three tech offices, prompting some employees to relocate to central corporate hubs.

Over the past year, Walmart has been focusing on cost-cutting measures in some areas to prioritize spending in others. 

Last month, the company announced the closure of all 51 health clinics it had opened over the past five years in its effort to expand its healthcare business. 

Often situated next to stores, these clinics offered primary-care services and telehealth appointments. 

Initially, Walmart had planned to have 75 clinics by the end of 2024.

Walmart said rising operating costs and a challenging reimbursement environment have made the healthcare business unsustainable for the company at this time.

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