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10 Very Cool Places To Work

Google's "Googleplex" complex

In the race to attract top talent, companies across the U.S. are reimagining traditional workspaces into something extraordinary.

These innovative workspaces go beyond comfy, posture-friendly chairs and coffee machines; they are meticulously designed to inspire creativity, foster well-being, and cultivate collaboration.

From biophilic designs to futuristic tech integrations, here are 10 companies setting the standard for cutting-edge work environments.

Google – On-site vegetable gardens

Google's Mountain View headquarters are a very cool place to work.

Called the "Googleplex", It has features like nap pods, slides between floors, and on-site vegetable gardens.

Google's workspace has been designed to stimulate innovation and keep stress levels at a minimum.

For anyone interested, a "Googleplex" is the highest number ever calculated by man - one billion to the power of one billion, there are a lot of zeros.

Amazon – "Urban Oasis"

Amazon's "spheres" in Seattle
Amazon's "spheres" in Seattle

Amazon’s Seattle headquarters features The Spheres.

These are three glass domes filled with more than 40,000 plants from around the world.

This creates an incredible "urban oasis" that doubles as a workspace and relaxation zone for employees.

Apple – Architectural Marvel in Cupertino

Apple's "Spaceship" Headquarters
Apple's "Spaceship" Headquarters

In typical fashion, Apple has gone big on its HQ - it's known as "The spaceship."

The 175-acre campus features curved glass panels, renewable energy sources, and one of the largest on-site solar energy installations in the world.

Microsoft – Blending Nature and Technology

Microsoft’s Redmond campus is a haven of natural beauty mixed with high tech.

The campus houses treehouse meeting spaces, walking trails, and bridges among the trees, promoting a balance between technology, nature, and well-being.

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Facebook – Vibrant Community Space

Meta logo sign near Meta Platforms headquarters on 1 Hacker Way
Meta's Head Office

Facebook's Menlo Park "Main Street" campus is like a small town designed to foster community.

It includes a candy shop, a barber shop, and even a woodworking shop,.

This is all aimed at encouraging employees to connect and collaborate outside of traditional office settings.

Salesforce – Sky-High Gardens

Salesforce Tower in San Francisco offers employees open lounge areas and mindfulness zones on its top floors.

These are surrounded by lush gardens with stunning views of the city, reinforcing the company’s commitment to employee wellness and environmental responsibility.

Adobe – Kinetic Art Walls And Cozy Fireplaces

Adobe’s San Jose headquarters emphasizes creativity and dynamism with features like a kinetic art wall, a cozy fireplace, and spaces that transform from coffee bars to collaboration hubs.

Zappos – "Throne Room"

Zappos’ Las Vegas headquarters is all about creating a fun, family-like atmosphere where the lines between work and play blur.

The office features a nap room, video game areas, and a quirky “throne” room, reflecting its unique company culture.

Airbnb – Real Life Airbnbs

Airbnb’s San Francisco office is a global village of workspaces.

The rooms have been designed to mimic the most innovative real-life Airbnb listings from around the world.

This immersive environment encourages employees to embody the customer experience and fosters a deep connection to the company’s core mission of belonging.

Box – Relaxation Areas

Box's Redwood City headquarters features an open, flexible workspace with writable walls, adjustable desks, and relaxation areas that encourage spontaneous collaboration and innovation among its team members.

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