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A Woman Sued Burger King Over 20 Cents – It Didn’t Go Well

Burger King

By anyone's standards, 20 cents is not a lot of money.

In the UK, it's about 16p, a sum of money that can buy you very little.

However, one woman in America was so outraged over this paltry sum she decided she had no option but to take on one of the world's biggest fast-food companies in court.

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Her outrage stemmed from the fact she went into the branch of Burger King near her home in New York and paid 89 cents, but in another, further away, branch she was able to get the same drink for a bargain 69 cents.

This disparity in price infuriated her so much she sued Burger King.

Often in these types of lawsuits, the claimant demands many millions over their grievance.

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In this case, the woman demanded just $100 dollars.

Her grievance was that she had to walk further to get the cheaper drink.

It is not known how much she spent in bringing the case to court, but it is likely it would have been a lot more than $100.

Like with most of these cases, she left empty-handed.

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Burger King's legal team didn't even attend court and the company still won the case.

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Not showing up to court is often a bad move that goes against companies, but in this case, Burger King's no-show perhaps highlights the frivolousness of the claim.

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