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Crazy And Creative Ways People Quit Their Jobs

An AI image of a man standing on his desk throwing paper around having just quit

The normal process when you want to quit your job is not very exciting.

It usually involves a conversation with your manager and an official email confirming you're leaving.

It's a good idea to remain on good terms as you're likely to have to serve a notice period.

However, some people have been driven to the end of their tether by their jobs, and quit in spectacular fashion.

One example is a teenage fish counter worker who spelled out "I quit" in pieces of cod and haddock.

Here are some more examples of extraordinary ways people said they'd had enough.


The Marching Band Resignation

Joey DeFrancesco made headlines when he quit his job at a hotel by marching in with a full band.

His boss emerged, baffled and furious about why a marching band was in the hotel lobby.

His day got worse.

As Joey informed his boss of his resignation, the band started playing and marching around the lobby, creating a spectacle that no one would forget​.

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Quitting via Intercom

In a bold move, an employee at a large retail store used the store's intercom system to announce his resignation.

He took the opportunity to name colleagues and express his dissatisfaction, ensuring that his message was heard loud and clear by all the store's customers​.

Live On-Air Resignations

Some news anchors have chosen to resign live on air.

Russia Today's Liz Wahl did so to protest ethical issues.

And an Alaskan reporter dramatically quit by revealing her involvement in a marijuana business and announcing, "I quit!" during a live broadcast​.

Resignation Cake

For a sweeter touch, one employee baked a cake with the message "I quit!" written on it.

This creative resignation method combined a parting gift with a clear message, making the departure a little more palatable​​.

Creative Desktop Message

A worker left a message on his desktop background for his colleagues to find.

It's quite rude, and highlights the person's issue with their boss.

It can be found here.

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