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From a portable radio hat to an ostrich pillow, here are three of the weirdest inventions in history

Since the beginning of time, many inventions have made life easier for millions.

Many have disappeared over the years as they have been overtaken by technology or found out to be a bit useless.

These inventions below are odd yet fascinating to know the background of what made someone think of such a weird invention.


From a contraption that could shave 12 men's heads at once to a hat that's a radio, here are some of the most bizarre inventions.

The mass shaver

In the 19th century having huge beards and thick mustaches became less popular.

Shaving every morning was time-consuming, so stopping off at the barbers for a shave became daily.

Someone came up with an idea to make the process for men quicker and created a 'group shaving machine' that could seat 12 men in a row,

It would apply foam to all faces.

Then an extensive blade was used to trim facial hair.

However, it had limitations meaning it would only go in specific directions and movements; everyone's face is different, so this was a problem.

People would leave the barbers with an uneven shave and cuts from the blade.

The portable hat radio

Way before mobile phones were a thing, the concept of listening to the radio while out and about was unheard of due to how they were made back then.

However, during the 1930s, an inventor from Berlin created a bizarre device that was a straw hat with two large antennas sticking out the top.

It wasn't successful for many reasons, one being it was unattractive to wear, and the other was signal issues.

Eventually, in 1995, the Transistor Radio was created so people could easily listen to radio and music out and about.

The Ostrich Pillow

The Ostrich Pillow, made in 2012, was designed to allow whoever was wearing it to escape the world completely.

Whether traveling, in the office, or at home, this pillow allowed you to have a quick kip or silence for as long as you wanted.

It was a fluffy hood with three holes.

One hole was for the head and the other two for the hand.

It was advertised as a way to take time out from the real world, decrease stress levels where nobody could disturb you, and increase productivity.

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