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Software Engineer Ranked Top Job For Graduates In Ireland

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Software engineering tops the list of the most sought-after jobs for new graduates in Ireland, new data from LinkedIn reveals.

It highlights the strong demand for a highly skilled workforce across the tech sector.

This trend reflects a broader demand-supply gap for software engineers in Ireland, attracting talent from India, the UK, Brazil, Turkey, and the Netherlands.

Following software engineers, the top three jobs for graduates include audit associate in second place and quality control analyst in third. 

The demand for accounting professionals remains high, with numerous firms, including the Big Four—KPMG, PwC, EY, and Deloitte—actively hiring for these roles.

The pharmaceutical industry, another major employer in Ireland, influences the rankings, with quality control analysts in third place. 


LinkedIn's data also reveals a disparity in the availability of flexible working arrangements between graduates and more established professionals. 

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At the start of the year, just over a quarter of entry-level job postings offered hybrid or remote work options, compared to almost half for mid-senior level jobs. 

However, some positions, like software engineering, offer greater flexibility, with 64.8 percent of these roles available as hybrid or remote.

Sue Duke, LinkedIn Ireland Country Manager, said: “Demand for highly-skilled software engineers in Ireland is sky high, and graduates with these specialist skills are experiencing a hiring boom. 

“Our analysis also shows a high level of competition among employers for these professionals, with greater work flexibility for entry level software engineers compared to their graduate peers – where we see an overall trend towards significantly lower hybrid and remote work flexibility for entry-level jobs."

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