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Aldi could acquire Wilko stores and rehire its former staff 

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Aldi is considering employing staff from failed retail chain Wilko and buying most of its stores.

The discount retailer is pushing a growth plan to add 500 new stores.

The move would create over 20,000 jobs and increase its total store count to 1,500. 

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UK and Ireland chief executive Giles Hurley said the company could use Wilko's stores and potentially rehire its former employees.

Thurley said: “Clearly, with an ambitious target of 1,500 stores, we will look at all the opportunities. It comes down to the availability and suitability.”

Following Wilko's collapse, Aldi reached out to affected staff, offering over 6,000 job opportunities across its UK stores.

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The supermarket chain focuses on providing long-term roles ranging from store assistants to managers to those who lost their jobs. 

Meanwhile, B&M recently acquired 51 Wilko stores but concurrently announced the closure of 52 stores, resulting in over 1,300 staff layoffs. 

Administrator PwC said it was “actively working with potential buyers.”

However, the 52 stores about to shut down “do not form part of any ongoing interest in the Wilko store portfolio.”

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