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Fish Counter Worker Quit Job In A Spectacular Way

An AI image of a fish counter worker spelling out "I quit" with pieces of fish

The normal process of leaving a job involves a polite letter to your manager saying you're resigning from the position.

In some cases though, people driven to the end of their tether by their employer quit in far more spectacular ways. asked its readers for some examples of people quitting.

The list is incredible, but one example jumps out.

One reader explained: "I worked in high school at a mismanaged grocery chain that is now out of business.

"I was a cashier but they had a 16-year-old girl working behind the fish counter (which was illegal), and who was not being paid properly for the work she was doing (because she wasn't supposed to be doing it).


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"On Sunday, the beginning of the pay period, she clocked in, wrote, 'I QUIT' in pieces of cod, haddock, and tilapia filets in the seafood counter, and clocked out.

"She framed a photo of her masterwork and her last paycheck for $2 and hung it in her bedroom."

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