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Amazon accused of delaying refund requests on undelivered items

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Amazon UK accused of delaying refund requests on undelivered items

Amazon has been accused of allegedly preventing some customers from requesting refunds for undelivered items.

Shoppers report extended waiting times and difficulties obtaining refunds. 

Some customers claim Amazon changed the original refund request dates on the site, further delaying the process. 

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Amazon denies having a policy of refusing refunds due to delivery delays.

However, customers have expressed frustration over waiting for extended periods to request refunds.

They feel that their money is held hostage. 

A customer said: “My items never arrived and Amazon kept on changing the date when I could ask for a refund. 

“I’ve shopped with them for years and it has always been smooth. I’ve always felt reassured that my money was safe as the system requires our [customer] trust as we pay in advance of receiving what we’ve ordered.”

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Shoppers have taken to social media platforms to voice their complaints, and some have reported similar experiences on Reddit. 

Amazon’s Returns Policy says it will issue refunds for products shipped by the company within a maximum of 14 days.

The policy states that the system issues the refund to customers’ accounts within seven business days after processing the refund.

However, it doesn’t clarify customers may have to wait several weeks to request a refund in cases of delayed delivery.

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