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Advanced Advertising

Advanced advertising

Posting jobs is easy and effective. You can choose to receive applications by email or to redirect candidates to a URL of your choice to complete the process.

Applicant Filtering

Applicant filtering

Our range of recruiter tools simplifies the categorization of applications by their availability. You can also view information from your candidates, contact them directly and insert notes for each candidate.

Employer Dashboard

Employer dashboard

Your Employer dashboard provides the necessary tools to manage your recruitment advertising. As well as posting your jobs, you can also view applications, shortlist candidates, check performance analytics, and manage your company profile page.

Promote your business for free

Job Posting - Promote your business for free
Promote Your Brand

Promote your brand

When you subscribe as an employer, you will have access to create a branded company profile page that includes your logo, information about your company, website address, images, videos, and all your active jobs.

Global Job Posting Coverage

Nationwide coverage

Using state-of-the-art Google Geo-Location software, you can advertise your roles in any part of the country you choose. Matching local candidates will be notified immediately.

ATS Solutions

ATS Solutions

WhatJobs has partnered with many leading ATS partners. All you have to do is contact your preferred supplier and tell them you wish to post jobs with us. If your ATS is not available, we will do everything we can to integrate it as quickly as possible.

Invite Teammates

Invite teammates

If multiple hirers are involved in your business’s recruitment process, you can invite them to view and post jobs using the same company account.

Performance reports

Performance reports let you see which jobs attract the most views and applications.

Share these reports with your colleagues and use them to help you write better, more eye-catching job descriptions.

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Hassle-free monthly subscription

WhatJobs is the world’s first low-cost subscription-based job advertising service. There are no contracts, and you can cancel anytime, putting you in control of your recruitment spend at all times.

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