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Amazon announces massive hiring spree including 30,000 roles in California

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Amazon has announced a massive hiring spree of 250,000 jobs across the U.S, including full-time, part-time, and seasonal roles.

30,000 of these jobs will be in California.

Job-seekers from all backgrounds can apply for various positions, such as packing, picking, sorting, and shipping.

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Depending on their needs, candidates can opt for varying hours and attractive compensation packages. Openings are listed on

John Felton, Amazon's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations, said: "The festive period is a bustling time for Amazon, and we're thrilled to welcome 250,000 new faces.


"Whether you're looking for a brief gig or a long-term career, Amazon has something for you."

He added new hires in fulfillment or transportation would see a pay rise of 13 percent in the coming three years, plus other perks like paid college tuition through Career Choice and immediate health care benefits.

In 2023, Amazon unveiled new benefits for its staff.

This includes an emergency savings plan and a financial assistance scheme.

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$142 billion investment in California

A recent economic impact study by Keystone Strategy on Amazon revealed that, since 2010, the company has:

  • Poured $142 billion into California, covering infrastructure and employee salaries.
  • Created over 160,000 direct jobs in the state.
  • Facilitated the rise of 311,000 indirect jobs across sectors like construction.
  • Contributed a massive $135 billion to California's GDP, beyond its direct investments.

Holly Sullivan, Amazon's vice president of Worldwide Economic Development, added: "Our investments not only provide jobs with lucrative pay and benefits but also bolster numerous local economies across the U.S."

Amazon opened 50 new facilities in the U.S in 2023, each of which created thousands of new jobs.

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