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Amazon Faces Labor Violation Charges At Kentucky Air Hub

Amazon Hub Pick-up and Delivery Facility Exterior

Federal labor regulators have found Amazon violated labor laws in its Kentucky air hub by preventing workers from unionizing.

The National Labor Relations Board's investigation began in response to worker complaints dating back to 2022.

Their demand for better pay, more flexible schedules, and safer working conditions culminated in a formal complaint last week. 

Amazon was accused of engaging in illegal activities such as interrogating, threatening, and even demoting employees involved in the union movement.

The development is a victory for the union organizers at the Amazon air cargo facility in Kentucky.

They claimed that the company allegedly interfered in labor organizing for months. 

Seth Goldstein, a legal representative for Amazon workers, praised the NLRB's prompt action to uphold worker rights.

He said: “I think it fits in the pattern with some of the strong complaints that we’ve been seeing. These are very significant penalties.”

Amazon said the labor board’s claims are “without merit.”

The company spokesperson Mary Kate Paradis said: “We will continue to defend our position as the legal process continues.”

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The struggle for unionization across Amazon's nationwide locations has been marred by accusations of the company deploying illicit tactics to dissuade union support.

Amazon workers have filed over 240 charges with the NLRB for alleged union-busting activities.

The efforts in Kentucky align with the broader Amazon Labor Union movement, which gained prominence following a landmark victory at a Staten Island warehouse in 2021. 

Despite internal challenges and ongoing legal battles with Amazon, the movement continues to press for formal recognition and bargaining rights.

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